Oregon Cancer Patient Offered Suicide Instead of Cancer Treatment

On O'Rielly Factor 8/10/09 a story was put forward about a lady that had cervical cancer and was denied the cancer drugs by the state (they have universal healthcare) and she was told tehy would pay for the drugs that would terminate her life. if anyone has the links for reference on this story (other than O'Rielly), it would be a great story to plaster all over the net and local news organizations. In the end the "evil" drug companies donated teh drugs to her for what was the rest of her existence.

Who knows how much time the quest for life saving drugs took off of her life. It came down to budgeting. Very sad and coming soon to a life near yours.

Original link for this story is in response #10 on Free Republic board. Click here for Free Republic: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2313246/posts