Chuck Norris: Dirty secret No. 3 in Obamacare

WorldNetDaily Posted: August 24, 2009 1:00 am Eastern

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Ever heard the saying, "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"?

That's true for any of the 1,000+ page versions of Obamacare.

Having informed you in previous columns of "Dirty secret No. 1" and "Dirty secret No. 2" in Obamacare, dirty secret No. 3 is the sin of omission. It's what the health care bill doesn't say that will bite you in the end.

If you were writing 1,000+ pages on a subject, don't you think you'd have enough space to cover the essentials? But what if some of the issues were political hotbeds? And, if you were trying to sell the package, are there issues you'd intentionally leave out? If you were a Washington bureaucrat, I know you would!

In 1,000+ pages, there's surprisingly sparse coverage or complete avoidance of a host of necessary issues. I would cite pages in the bill as I've done in my other articles, but there aren't any covering them. These are questions that need specific answers by the Obama administration as well each of our representatives.

What are the child developmental methods and values used in training parents in home visitations?

To whom or what is the national committee, which oversees the entire health care system, accountable? What are the extents of power and limitations or boundaries of the national committee? Will the national and regional health care committees eventually run with the power of the Federal Reserve system, as Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the health care adviser to the Obama administration, proposes in his book "Guaranteed Healthcare"? Will Medicare be "phased out" as Dr. Emanuel proposes in his book? Will employee-provided health insurance eventually cease, as Dr. Emanuel proposes in his book? Specifically, how will the nation provide and pay for the expansion of needed medical and administrative personnel to cover roughly 50 million more people?

Specifically, how will the nation provide and pay for the expansion of medical facilities and equipment to equip those new medical and administrative personnel? What are the specific cost projections for such extensive and extra medical personnel, practices, offices and equipment? What about the maldistribution of physicians?

What about tort reform?

What about class-action lawsuits?

Will illegal immigrants be covered under this program? What about the specifics of abortion services, and will taxpayer funds finance them? What types and limitations of end-of-life counsel will be offered? Any guarantees that the middle class won't eventually be paying for Obamacare? Have you investigated or read any other options and alternatives to health care reform besides the recent version of Obamacare? If not, why not? If so, what are the pros and cons of each? And most important, will you write or sign amendments that guarantee the restrictions or explanations of the above points into law before passing any form of Obamacare? Now read that list slower one more time and ask yourself: Is it a complete coincidence that all those specifics aren't already mentioned in Obamacare legislation? Would you want your representative to sign off on a bill that doesn't specify them? (Would you sign a contract to buy a car that didn't discuss financing or even the specifics of the car you were buying?)

Friends, of critical concern to me is not merely what the health-care bill is today, but what that implemented program will look like when a national board (like the Federal Reserve, according to Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel) has all power and jurisdiction, without checks and balances by other powers. If a national medical board is given the power of the Federal Reserve, a "death panel" will be only one facet of its monstrous head. But is a Supreme Court of universal medical counsel and decisions what we want presiding over the future generations of America? Our kids and grandkids?

Isn't this just the same ol' doubletalk and dirty politics we've seen in Washington? What ever happened to Obama's campaign promise about the "most sweeping ethics reform" or "unprecedented transparency"? Why doesn't Washington start telling us the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them God?

If Obama is concerned about the "moral obligation" of universal health care, maybe he should begin by not "bearing false witness" or giving complete witness to the entirety of his health care plans and program?

Obama repeatedly promises that universal health care will not increase the deficit, but he is not only bearing witness in contradiction to the Congressional Budget Office, but without knowing the specifics of the program or what it may morph into in years to come.

Similarly, Obama promises that the middle class will not pay for the program, yet Obamacare legislation shifts progressive onus (beginning on p. 846, line 16) for aspects of ongoing health care onto state and local communities – which will in turn pay for those services how? It doesn't say. And if the state doesn't meet other eligible reimbursement federal criteria, do we assume they're going to write it all off, or will we the taxpayers foot that bill, too? It doesn't say. Generalities like "the State share of the cost" (p. 847) should cause your pocketbook to tremble.

What ever happened to the America just a few months ago that was, according to Obama, on the verge of an economic Armageddon? Do Americans actually believe the president when he says that universal health care is "central" to economic recovery? Are people really buying this shtick? Is this really the year to tack another trillion onto our oppressive national debt?

So here's what the specific implementation plan of Obamacare comes down to: "trust government." I'd rather do what a California highway patrolman friend of mine says, "In God we trust – all others we search." And that includes government.

According to recent Rasmussen poll, 51 percent of Americans fear government more than private insurance companies. And we're going to blindly trust government with the details of universal health care and allow it practice nationalized medicine on us and our posterity?

Before so-called universal health care turns into universal hell-care, write or call your representatives today and protest their rushing and voting Obamacare into law. Remind them that what is needed in Washington is a truly bipartisan group that is allowed ample amount of time to work on compromised health care law that reigns in out-of-control insurance companies and doesn't raise taxes (for anyone), regulate personal medical choices, ration health care or restrict American citizens' freedoms in any way.

Watch your back, America! As the adage goes, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence