When the Foundations are Destroyed

In his article, "Holder's Black Panther Stonewall: Why did the Justice Department dismiss such a clear case of voter intimidation?" author John H. Fund (WSJ) strongly urges Obama to, "insist his Justice Department reinstate the Black Panther case or provide a full explanation for why it was dropped."(http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203550604574361071968458430.html)

In postmodern America, a large and growing number of citizens from the highest corridors of power to the lowest believe that the universal, unchanging truths, morality, and traditions on which our civilization is founded no longer exist. These moral imbeciles imagine that man has supposedly evolved to a higher plane of existence where man now stands 'godlike' beyond good and evil.

Instead of unchanging truths and moral absolutes, postmodern imbeciles believe that truth and morality are fluid. Not only do they change (evolve) moment by moment to suit need (situational ethics), but each 'progressively evolved' imbecile has progressed to the godlike authority to create his own truth and morality. This same type of imbecile holds that the Constitution "lives, breathes, and evolves." A common feature of postmoderns is an amoral will-to-power coupled to a rabid hatred for traditional values America, for in their darkened imaginations traditional-values America is the Great Satan, cause of all of the world's evils. In this demonically inverted view of things, all terrorists and culture-subverters---from the Lockerbie terrorists to the 9/11 and Black Panther terrorists to subverters like ACORN, GLSEN and the ACLU are really freedom fighters engaged in mortal combat against the same evil entity (traditional America) as are all postmodern revolutionaries.

The consequences of this superstition-fueled madness are catastrophic, for if the transcendant Authority, unchanging truths, moral laws and enduring principles that are the foundation of our Constitution and Rule of Law are destroyed through unbelief, then America's founding documents have likewise been gutted of their meaning. By extension, our Constitutional Republic, individual liberties and rights no longer exist either, and to insist that they do is to be a heretic. For in that postmodern progressives have supposedly 'evolved to a higher plane of existence,' 'might now makes right,' hence to take one's stand on transcendant authority, unchanging truth and moral absolutes is to audaciously oppose the 'royal will-to-power.' Insofar as total power has not yet fallen into the rapacious hands of progressive imbeciles and psychopaths, today the sin of dissent brings with it the charge of hate; tomorrow it will be death.

In previous times, historically-informed, morally sane people like America's founders, knew that the 'might makes right' notion is nothing less than the moral-imbecility of barbarianism. When mankind's base passions are unfettered by transcendent moral authority, the inevitable consequences are moral imbecility, rampant lying, looting, power-grabbing, inhumanity, and endless death. When barbarianism arises, America's founders knew it to be the ominous precurser to chaos, anarchy, cruelty, and implosion of society followed quickly by tyranny.

Obama is at the very least a moral imbecile, at worst, a border-line psychopath. Additionally, not only is Obama's Justice Department full of them, but so too is our federal government, academia, law schools, entertainment, media, and seminaries. And as Obama and his cabal of amoral postmodern socialists have seized control of the levers of power, they now see themselves as planetary messiahs on a mission of mercy to deliver the planet from evil through the utter destruction of the Great Satan. In this light, we can expect Obama and his camp-followers to make excuses for the evils committed by postmodern imbeciles and psychopaths like the Black Panthers and Lockerbie killers while simultaneously condemning as absolute evil all protest from the heretics, that is, from traditional-values Americans such as Townhall dissenters and Tea Partiers. All of this ought to answer John Fund's question. ....Linda