Christian-Conservatism Reigns in Croatia (Why Not Here?!?)

Conservatism reigns in Croatia Pete Chagnon - OneNewsNow - 8/28/2009 4:00:00 AM

Abstinence education is celebrating a legal victory in Croatia.

Roger Kiska of the Alliance Defense Fund says the case was particularly dangerous because it involved a charter body of the Council of Europe. That body polices compliance with the European Social Charter -- a binding human-rights document on all states within the Council of Europe.

The case involved a lawsuit against the Christian nation of Croatia, which Kiska says has a low rate of teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. The suit alleged that the country was not teaching appropriate sexual education in their schools because they focused on abstinence.

"So the potential of this case was to completely liberalize sexual education throughout Europe," he explains. "And thankfully the committee agreed with our arguments, agreed with the arguments of Croatia, that because of the cultural sovereignty of Croatia, because of the low prevalence of sexual transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies, obviously the program was working" the attorney notes.

"Why would you replace it with a liberalized system that has been failing everywhere else?" the attorney asks. "So we're very grateful that the committee recognized that it's a parent's right to choose the education for their child."

Kiska says this decision closes the door for now on expanding sexual curriculum to include pro-abortion ideas and promotion of the homosexual lifestyle.