Brannon Howse: Boycott Obama's Worldview Propaganda Machine

WorldViewWeekend By Brannon Howse

Two important news stories broke this week that reveal that President Obama is building a worldview propaganda machine. This should be offensive to all Americans in both parties for many reasons that I will explain. However, I believe that it will not be offensive to enough Americans to make a difference because our nation's citizens have largely lost the ability to use reason, logic, and context. To those who think I am only writing this article because Obama is a democrat, you are wrong. I was one of the first conservative talk show hosts to refer to George W. Bush as a socialist and a globalist. Both parties are destroying our country.

Item #1:

On September 8th at 1pm EST, President Obama will be the first U.S. president to speak to America's school children in an address that is directed specifically to them. I would not agree with this even if it were President Ronald Reagan delivering the speech. It is highly offensive for our children and our schools to be used by the President to push a political agenda. The U.S. Department of Education event put out an activity package for students to use before, during, and after the speech including making posters that will hang on the walls for several days. I read the activity sheets and I noticed that the questions students were being asked assumed that they would agree with whatever the President's agenda might be. The questions were written in such a way as to discourage dissent and to seek group consensus on the President's agenda.

Parents from all political parties should be offended and outraged by this disrespect of parental authority and personal family values and should reveal their disapproval by removing their child from any class period that will broadcast this speech. Take your child or children to lunch and then return them to school when the propaganda program has ended.

Sadly, most Americans do not know history and thus they do not understand why children should not be used or recruited for a political, worldview agenda by any national leader. These children do not belong to the State as the humanist elite choose to believe. The people that do not think this is what is happening are only revealing their ability to be easily manipulated.

President Obama understands that a revolution, as called for by his hero, Saul Alinsky, requires three things. First they need a crisis, secondly they need the youth (for sure the youth of the middle class), and thirdly they need an impotent church that does not oppose them. In my new book, Grave Influence, I explain how all three of these ingredients are coming together to make this perhaps the most dangerous time in America's history.

For this article I am going to focus on the need for Obama to develop a propaganda machine to capture hearts and minds. Social justice curriculum is a large part of this agenda. Social justice curriculum is what Obama's friend, Bill Ayers, has been developing on a national level. Obama's Secretary of Education attempted to start a social justice school in Chicago before the half- straight, half-homosexual student body concept became national news.

As I detail in my new book, Obama has signed federal legislation that provides billions of dollars for government sponsored brainwashing through youth service. In a television interview while running for president, Obama said he wants this voluntary program to become mandatory. The September 4, 2008 issue of Investor's Business Daily ran an editorial entitled "Michelle's Boot Camp For Radicals" which revealed:

Big Brother had nothing on the Obamas. They plan to herd American youth into government-funded re-education camps where they'll be brainwashed into thinking America is a racist, oppressive place in need of "social change." But its [Public Allies] real mission is to radicalize American youth and use them to bring about "social change" through threats, pressure, tension and confrontation - the tactics used by the father of community organizing, Saul "The Red" Alinsky. When they're not protesting, they're staffing AIDS clinics, handing out condoms, bailing criminals out of jail and helping illegal aliens and the homeless obtain food stamps and other welfare.

Those students that are deemed to be future socialist leaders are encouraged to enroll in a 10-month program that includes being paid.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy, reporting on Public Allies in an April 2008 article entitled "Fired Up and Ready to Grow: Youth Group's Obama Link Raises Its Profile Nationwide," reports:

More than 2,200 young people ages 18 to 30 have graduated from its program, which provides leadership training and 10-month apprenticeships at charities-and more than 80 percent of them have continued working in nonprofit or government jobs, the group says…Public Allies participants receive average stipends of $1,500 a month…and an AmeriCorps educational grant of $4,725 if they complete the program.[1]

Why does all this sound so familiar? Perhaps a quick look at history will answer the question. In a book by TIME LIFE we read:

German boys and girls who showed particular promise qualified for admission to special schools. About 50 such schools trained them to become leaders of the Hitler Youth, and 31 National Political Academies-28 for boys and three for girls-trained the most outstanding youngsters, beginning at the age of 10, to be future leaders of the Reich itself. The Academies were administered under a military regimen, and the curricula included not only traditional learning but also the political concerns of the state.[2]

History should reveal to Americans that it is dangerous and offensive for a national leader to seek to use school children as part of his political agenda and to force feed them his propaganda without parental permission. America's children are on the bottom of the list in world-wide education performance, and we are going to waste vital class time for Obama's propaganda program? Where is the outrage from America's tax-paying parents?

Item #2:

On August 28th reported:

A 39-year-old Los Angeles film producer is accusing the National Endowment for the Arts of initiating a "call to action" to artists to support President Obama's domestic agenda.

The film producer, Patrick Courrielche, said he was one of roughly 75 artists, musicians, writers, poets and others on an Aug. 10 conference call hosted by the NEA, the White House Office of Public Engagement and United We Serve, a nationwide initiative launched by Obama to increase volunteerism. Courrielche said officials on the hour-long call -- including NEA Director of Communications Yosi Sergant and Michael Skolnik, political director for hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons -- encouraged the artists on the line to create works of art in their respective fields related to health care, energy and the environment. "What I heard was a well thought-out pitch to encourage artists to create art on these issues," Courrielche told "We were told we were consulted for a reason, and they specifically stated those issues as the issues we should focus on, to plant the seed. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what they're attempting to do." The "potential propaganda machine," Courrielche said, is concerning on many levels.

Why does this sound so familiar? Where have I read of a national leader using the arts to further his worldview propaganda at taxpayer expense? Again, the answer is found in a TIME LIFE book where I read about Hitler's Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebels whose:

…objective was to produce a blend of art and propaganda "so profound and so vital that in the end the people fall under its spell and cannot escape from it."[3]

The book also reports:

The Nazis gave German artists four years to conform to official cultural policy-from the party's ascendancy in 1933 to the gala opening of the first Great German Art Exhibition in Munich in July 1937.[4]

Add these two items to the writings of Obama's FCC diversity officer Mark Lloyd who seems bent on shutting down those that are challenging Obama's worldview agenda. In a column posted at Cliff Kincaid with Accuracy in Media writes:

At a 2008 "media reform" conference sponsored by the George Soros-funded Free Press organization, Lloyd declared that the Marxist revolution in Venezuela under Chavez was "incredible" and "dramatic" but that the "property owners and the folks who were then controlling the media in Venezuela rebelled" against the would-be dictator and supported a coup against him. However, Lloyd said that Chavez wised up and "then started to take the media seriously…"

The implication of these remarks is that Chavez dealt with his opponents in the media by trying to control or silence them, and that Lloyd supports that strategy when dealing with opponents of revolutionary Marxism here in the U.S.

Accuracy in Media, which published the book, The Death of Talk Radio?, has been warning for years that the liberal/left has a plan to silence conservative media voices. Lloyd appears to be the point man in this scheme.

Every president is entitled to push and promote his agenda, but in America it should not be to the detriment of free speech and parental-authority or through a taxpayer-funded propaganda machine.


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