Fear and Loathing in Washington

Regular Folks Unitedfrom Andy G

The only thing we have to fear is our thin-skinned president and his merry gang of bandits belonging to Congress. Mr. Obama's speech last night was more of the same. We saw what he has quickly evolved (as we suspected he would all along) in to which is a narcissistic, arrogant bully. Much like when our children don't get their way, he throws tantrums and goes after people personally who dare oppose his grand vision. Mr. President, you really need to stop taking yourself so seriously and you need to realize that 50 some odd million Americans DID NOT vote for you. We aren't mesmerized by your aura and we didn't all just fall off the ammo truck.

Every time Mr. Obama gives one of these "defining" speeches, he reveals more and more about his character and about what his true motivations are. His goals are easy to see. He wants adulation, adoration, and unchecked power and is willing to step on the necks of anyone who denies his magnificence. There are only two points about this speech that I will even dignify with comments.

1. Mr. Obama insists that he will not sign any legislation that adds to our already approaching insurmountable deficit. Huh? Was he waving his hand in front of our faces like the Jedi Knights did in the Star Wars movies to convince us of this? Does he honestly think that dog will hunt? Mr. President, you have told us some doozies in your almost 8 month tenure, but that one probably takes the cake. It is impossible and it cannot be done and you know that. We already see how you will come to us, hat in hand, and explain to us, perhaps in November, that in order to pay for your folly we will have to sacrifice a little more for the greater good and add just a couple hundred billion here and there to our deficit to insure us all. Just stop it, Mr. President. Stop insulting the intelligence of America.

2. He wants to REQUIRE every American to purchase health insurance or be fined. If that is not a blatant infringement on freedom, you tell me what is. Mr. Obama claims that those who do not purchase insurance, even though they can afford it, drives up costs for everyone. Yet, he leads us to believe those who don't have insurance are mostly poor and on top of forcing them to purchase insurance, those who don't will be fined? Now that is what I call freedom. I can recall times when I was younger and healthy and I elected not to purchase insurance. Because I was healthy, I didn't need to go to the doctor and when I got the flu or your garden variety cold, I went to the drug store, got some over- the- counter medicine and stayed home for a day or two until I felt better. There was no need to go see a doctor, pay a co-pay, and sit in a waiting room for an hour to hear a doctor tell me I had a virus or the flu and I should stay home and stay hydrated for a couple of days. I didn't cost anyone anything. Now, there are those who visit emergency rooms, for example, those in our country illegally that Mr. Obama promises will not get coverage, that DO drive up the costs of insurance for everyone. There are Americans who do that as well. That is a legitimate gripe.

This is why, Mr. President, you should have been discussing retail health clinics and how they are capable of treating non-life threatening issues and are quick, efficient, and most of all, CHEAP. If they discover something they cannot treat, they can refer to specialists. By the way, Mr. President, these clinics are not federally regulated which is why they have been so successful.

There is one other point that should have been made but was not. In 1979, there were roughly 250 federal mandates for insurance (about 5 per state average). Right now, there are over 1900 federal mandates that cover things like acupuncture, port-wine stain removal, hair prosthesis, dieticians and on and on. These mandates drive up costs for everyone. So, what we did not hear from Mr. Obama was how complicit the government is in the costs of insurance. We are not all mindless dolts, Mr. President. Last night your loathing for those who defy you was on full display. Your arrogance may have finally done you in. Does the phrase "lame duck" mean anything to you?