Death of America: It's Not a Theory Anymore (Youtube Video)

Video: "Always after a defeat and a respite, the Shadow takes another shape and grows again." Gandolf, Lord of the Rings

The 20th century, at first trumpeted as the century of 'enlightenment, reason, science, and the coming of a Golden Age of Brotherhood,' produced instead, immense, catastrophic death and destruction never before experienced in the long history of mankind. Researchers put the death totals from the USSR, Nazi Germany, Red China, Cambodia, and Cuba between 250,000,000-350,000,000 men, women, and children, brutally murdered in a variety of ways.

The 20th century's murderous Shadow has not only taken another shape, but another color. Whereas yesterday's Shadow outwardly colored itself 'red,' today's Shadow colors itself 'green.' Whereas yesterday's Shadow called itself atheist, today's trumpets itself as the New All-Inclusive Pantheist Spirituality of Oneness. And whereas yesterday's Shadow spoke quietly and carefully of its Luciferianism, today's Shadow brazenly upholds Satan using as mouthpieces, humans such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, highly placed, powerful NWO insider. Speaking through the mouth of NWO insider David Spangler, today's Shadow openly demands the Luciferic initiation of every man, woman, and child. Today's Shadow thus opens its arms to Wicca, Satanism, Hermeticism, atheism, New Age, Buddhism, Islam, goddess worship, 'gay' shamanism, and in fact, to the myriad belief systems of everyone except for Orthodox Christians and devout Jews. For these people there is no tolerance whatsoever. Already they are persecuted and demonized as haters, homophobes, bigots, and racists.

When the French historian Alexis d'Tocqueville visited America not long after its' founding, he declared it the freest, most enlightened civilization in the history of our world. The secret to her success he said, is Christianity. America's spiritual foundations are uniquely Biblical. However, as the Shadow moves with relentless precision over and across America, interpenetrating and possessing the minds of Americans, a dark spiritual transformation is taking place. In the spiritually transformed America, lie is truth, evil is good, abnormal is normal and there is not only growing hostility towards orthodox Christianity (as opposed to Liberalized & Emergent variants) but mindless, schizophrenic hatred of it. Today, were the Founders of this nation to suddenly reappear, they would not be welcomed but hated.

As you listen to the video's voice-over, take stock of the 'sins' you will be found guilty of in the coming Green NWO.

A partial listing of my sins is as follows:

1. Orthodox Christian whose only Lord is Jesus Christ 2. Seeker of unchanging Truth 3. Owner of Conservative-Christian blog 4. Author of Conservative-Christian essays 5. Supporter of the Constitution Party 6. Ardent supporter of America's Biblical spiritual foundations

It is said that the first of the virtues is Courage, without which we will collapse under the weight of fear and apathy. Without Courage, we will stand mute before the Shadow's voracious will-to-power. Only Truth can defeat the Shadow's will-to-power. Speaking Truth to power however, requires Courage. If we are to defeat the 'green' Shadow we must first muster Courage so we may speak Truth.