Patriots' newest target: Obama 'Minion Media'; Rush Limbaugh: 'Dare them to cover what is right under their noses!'

Posted: September 16, 20097:50 pm Eastern

By Chelsea Schilling © 2009 WorldNetDaily

In the wake of the massive 9/12 march on Washington, American citizens outraged by President Obama and the actions of Congress are now setting their sights on a new target – the so-called mainstream media.

On his Sept. 14 show, talk show host Rush Limbaugh urged citizens who are frustrated by a media blackout of the nation's growing movement against Obama administration policies to bring their protests to the front doors of major media outlets.

"The media [are] no longer reporters. They are repeaters," Limbaugh said. "There have been hundreds and thousands of protests by conservative groups that haven't been covered, and tiny turnouts by the left that are covered."

He continued, "What about this? We're looking for a force multiplier. Yeah, the protest in Washington on Saturday was great, two million people, but imagine what a force multiplier would be if the next one were held outside of local and national television networks and their headquarters where they can't miss it?"

Limbaugh suggested citizens host tea parties "on or next to the properties housing the TV networks."

"Dare them to cover what is right under their noses!" he said.

"Put the media in the spotlight and on the hot seat. Don't make them the protest. Continue to protest Obama. Protest health care. Protest the loss of liberty. Protest the coming tyranny. Just do it on their property or as close to it as you can get being law-abiding and all that. … Just show up where they can't miss it. Show up in numbers where they can't escape it."

Limbaugh suggested leaders of the media rallies present a list of grievances to each individual station.

"Make the challenges substantive and adult and challenge their journalistic ethics," he said. "… I want this all to happen spontaneously."

It's not just Obama who's lying. It's his minion media, too!

Now, one group has launched "Operation: Can You Hear Us Now?" The website declares, "Thanks to an American hero for the idea. We can take it from here."

The webmaster of the operation website asked to remain nameless.

"Who wants to be the target of national media attention?" he asked.

He told WND he longed to go to D.C. but couldn't make it since it's a 1,000 mile-plus trip.

"I surfed all channels Sunday looking for the big story on the D.C. march and found none – save Fox News," he said. "I was infuriated. How can anyone who calls themselves a journalist ignore this?"

The mainstream media didn't croak over night. Find out what led to their amazing demise!

As WND reported, the major news media also failed to cover the extremist background of "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones – even after he was forced to resign as a result of that background.

WND was also first on the scene when major news media failed to report in the scandal involving tax-supported ACORN leaders who were videotaped encouraging undercover operatives on ways to subvert the law and exploit under-age girls they believed were being used in a prostitution ring.

WND was on the scene yet again when major news media failed to report and downplayed attendance on Sept. 12 after the capital was rocked by the taxpayer march and rally in protest of excessive spending, bailouts, growth of big government and soaring deficits.

The "Operation: Can You Hear Us Now?" webmaster said he launched his website Tuesday morning.

"Now I'm getting thousands of hits," he said. "I've sent a few e-mails. It's catching legs. I hope the idea catches fire!"

He said several people are already planning rallies at CNN in Atlanta, Ga., and another in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area.

"Imagine: There was a million plus person march on Washington, and no one reported it," the website states. "It did not happen."

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