Boston police cracking down on gay public sex, etc., in city parks -- as mayoral election nears.

Massresistance Update This year's hotly contested mayoral election in Boston is getting closer. And Mayor Thomas Menino, seeking re-election, is apparently taking no chances. He's quietly started stepping up police presence in the Fenway and other key places because of a problem that's normally officially ignored.

As most people know, public parks in those areas have become places where men meet each other for public sex, drug use, and other activities. Regular citizens, particularly children, simply can't go there at night. They want their public parks back. And for now the police are taking action.

This has raised the ire of homosexual groups, who see public sex as a "privacy right" and have been willing to fight for it.

Bay Windows (homosexual newspaper) article: "Boston P.D. cracking down on cruising in the Fens."

Public sex -- a bigger battle than most people realize

The "right" for homosexuals to have "public sex" (including not only in parks but in public restrooms too) is something they have fought for quite vigorously over the last several decades.

Most people know the homosexual legal group Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) as the group behind the "gay marriage" decision in 2003. But GLAD got its start back in 1978 defending the right of homosexuals to have sex in restrooms at the Boston Public Library. They still brag about that on their web site. GLAD has also gone on to (among other things) successfully intimidate the Massachusetts State Police into allowing public sex at rest stops and state parks.

(GLAD is now pushing to decriminalize even more open public sex. They had a forum in January 2008 called "Sex on the Margins." We heard the discussion was "out there.")