Jihad in Colorado and New York City

by Robert Spencer Details are still emerging, but it seems clear at this point that the extensive jihad terror plot that has been exposed in New York City and Denver this week involved plans to target baseball and football stadiums and New York’s Fashion Week with explosives carried in knapsacks to the detonation point and then detonated remotely - as in Madrid on March 11, 2004, when jihadist bombings killed 191 people and wounded 1,800.

Central to the plot is a young man named Najibullah Zazi, who was initially cooperative with Federal agents until it began to emerge that he had ties to Al-Qaeda. Zazi is in even more hot water after the discovery of bomb-making instructions in his own handwriting.

Zazi offered the improbable explanation that he accidentally downloaded the bomb-making material while downloading what news reports primly referred to as a “religious text.” In keeping with prevailing politically correct sensibilities, no report specified what kind of “religious text” might come with downloadable bomb-making instructions, or said anything about which religion was involved. Reporters were mum about what the adherents of this unnamed religion might be doing to encourage bomb-making, or how they might find justification for such actions in the texts and teachings of that religion.

Just in case anyone on the planet still might not know which religion could be involved in such things, a clue came with the arrest of Ahmad Afzali, an imam who, according to the New York Daily News..., “...became religious in high school, and preached at the Masjid Hazrat Abu Bakr Islamic Center, New York’s largest Afghan mosque, until 2007, when he opened a funeral business.” (Yes, a funeral business.) Before this case broke, the FBI apparently consulted Afzali more than once. Last week he said, “They come for information, and I always help. I have helped them many times.”

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