Why Glenn Beck is So Popular

Commentary: In his article, "Glenn Beck Explained," author Cal Thomas notes that Beck is now the "...Left's latest explanation for what is wrong with America. Many on the Left believe that if conservatives would just get out of the way, shut up and allow liberals to re-create America in their image, we would all be better off. But those loud-mouthed cable TV and radio talk show hosts keep uneducated, God-worshipping, flag-waving, NASCAR-loving, country music-fueled trailer trash riled up and preventtheir brave new world from being born." ( http://townhall.com/columnists/CalThomas/2009/09/24/glenn_beck_explained) In a recently published essay entitled "Demonic Nothingness: Liberalism's Eternal 'Equality' in Hell," I exposed the genesis of what is sometimes called the "Left' but is also known as Progressivism, Liberalism, Communism, and Socialism: "Modern liberalism then, is a continuation of the 20th century's totalitarian mass movements (i.e., Communism and National Socialism), which over time had gradually emerged out of Renaissance magic. It was Fyodor Dostoevsky who foretold both the rise of Marxist Communism in Russia and the murder of millions of people by Gnostic-Communists. Dostoevsky was among the first to understand that the modern mass political movements are devilish Gnostic irreligion's aping science and reason and demonically dedicated to the destruction of the idea of the living God and to total suppression of the knowledge that man is created in His spiritual image. At bottom modernity's Gnostic irreligion's are spiritually, morally, and intellectually bankrupt, concluded Dostoevsky."

Gnosticism is many things, but simply stated, it is a spiritual disease characterized by hatred of Yahweh and rejection of His creation and moral laws, which are viewed as evil. Fueled by resentment (pride plus covetousness, which equals envy) it is rejection of traditional marriage, procreation, male-female distinctions, and in short, of all moral restrictions, all of which is called the quest for 'equality' today. It is envious man lusting after the throne of God. It is a complete inversion of reality: Lucifer is man's savior, Yahweh is evil, lie is truth, evil is good. And finally, it is the delusional dream of rebellious, unimaginably arrogant man who imagines that he can build an alternative heaven right here on earth. In the earthly heaven, the stones (sin, causes of suffering) of this world will be magically transformed into bread, thus promises the devil. Called Communism, Communitarianism, and Socialism, it is a sinners paradise. This is why Cal Thomas notes that what Leftists really want, is the total destruction of traditional Christian America in order that a New World Order can rise out of its ashes.

By 1914, Progressive Gnostics had already began tunneling into and subverting and perverting America's traditional institutions, for traditional America is the final stumbling block to the 'promised land.' In other words, Gnostics have been destroying America's spiritual, moral, and philosophical foundations, the very thing that led the psalmist to ask in despair, "What are the righteous to do when the foundations are destroyed?'

Consequently, in just over 40 years---while Americans have been 'sleeping'---America has undergone dramatic changes, and not for the better. Almost overnight we went from an imperfect yet nevertheless morally decent, family oriented Norman Rockville culture fondly called a "shining city on a hill' by Ronald Reagan---a decent society where a man's word was his honor---to a backwash of filth, perversion, brazen lying and power-grabbing. America today is a demonically-inverted "God is dead so anything goes no matter how perverted' Gnostic dystopia where what were crimes against nature 40 years ago are the 'new' norms today.

I think that Glenn Beck and a handful of other conservative commentators are so very popular because they have reawakened memories of what America once was and of the sort of people we were. And this reawakening has stirred to life an ember of hope that just maybe we can recapture what we were and what we have lost.

Whether this happens remains to be seen. Yet we know the final outcome in any case, which is why "Demonic Nothingness..." concludes with this summation: "Slaves of that Hideous Strength — demonic malice and envy — Progressive insiders are driven to seek something they outwardly call 'equality,' but which is in fact, annihilation of their God-given souls. Strange isn't it, that the 'equality' they crave and the one place that offers it for eternity is Hell."

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