Record! 1.5 million 'pink slips' to Congress in 6 days (Send Yours!)

Worldnet DailyCampaign to put officials on notice 'unprecedented success'

Seven days ago, it was just an idea to get the attention of Congress.

Now, the "Send Congress a Pink Slip" campaign is being called an "unprecedented success" and a historic grass-roots lobbying effort.

So far, after just six days, 1.5 million "pink slips" – individually addressed notices to each member of the House and Senate, complete with sender's name and return address – are on their way to the Capitol by Fed Ex courier letting every member of Congress know there's discontent back on the home front.

The "pink slips" specifically warn that senders will oppose in the next election any member of Congress who votes for more spending, intrusive legislation that restricts personal freedom and more big government programs.

WND announced the "Send Congress a Pink Slip" campaign Friday and it has already reached nearly a third of its stated goal of 5 million notices, individually addressed, personalized with senders name and address and delivered to all members of Congress by Fed Ex.

The idea was conceived by Janet Porter of Faith2Action and a WND weekly columnist.

"There is a revolution brewing across this country," she said. "People are angry about losing their country and they are ready for action. This campaign is just the latest evidence."

"I believe this is already the most successful grass-roots effort in history," said Porter. "After all the town halls and tea parties and the massive demonstration in Washington, Congress still hasn't gotten the message. Now it's time to show them just how serious we are with a message aimed at what they most care about – getting re-elected."

The "pink slip" each official will get is a reminder that they work for the taxpayers. Each is individually printed with the sender's contact information under the closing salutation "Signed, Your Employer:"

Want to send a pink slip? Go here: