Protecting Children--Not right or left, just right or wrong

Regular Folks Unitedfrom Lori Roman

Some issues just don’t have a right or left ideology; they just have a right or wrong. One of those issues is the protection of the health, safety and well-being of children.

To avoid falling into “camps” on what should be such a clear call to protect children, let’s just ask ourselves some questions that any mom or dad should be able to easily answer. If you were looking for a tutor or even a babysitter for your child would you hire…

…a person who founded and ran an organization where instructors had explicitly described to middle school youngsters how to perform homosexual sexual acts?

…a teacher who had been told by a boy of 15 that he had been sexually abused by an older man, but did not tell authorities or his parents or do anything to protect the youngster from the abuser?

…a man who publicly stated that he was inspired by a man who was the number one proponent and promoter of pedophilia in the country?

…a person who wrote the forward to a book called Queering Elementary Education?

…a person who has publicly, in writing and in speeches, ridiculed and demeaned people of faith?

…a person who has publicly, in writing, encouraged young people to defy their parents and religious leaders.

Surely, if you cared about your children, you wouldn’t want such a person in a position of influence or authority over their instruction or protection, yet the President of the United States named just such a person to protect the children of this country. Kevin Jennings is the Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools at the U.S. Department of Education and reportedly, according to a variety of sources, all of the above questions describe him.

I first became aware of Jennings and his organization GLSEN when I ran a school board association for school board members who were proponents of parental rights and fiscal responsibility. Shortly after I founded the group, GLSEN began sending me mailings. One of the first I received was a video called “It’s Elementary”. The mailer promoted use of the video in elementary school classrooms, including kindergarten. The video was pure indoctrination to encourage children to accept and celebrate homosexuality. Because many of my school board members were concerned about school curricula that subverted the values of parents without giving parents an opportunity to view materials, I passed along information as it came to me.

The biggest shocker came in 2000 when I became aware of a GLSEN sponsored conference in Massachusetts where homosexual activists instructed children age 14 and up on how to perform homosexual sex acts. Although parents were discouraged from attending the conference, one parent secretly recorded the session, which later came to be known as “fistgate”. I do not care to explain the origin of the name, but you are free to look it up. Other sessions at the conference included “Lesbian Avengers—how to promote queer friendly activism in schools” and “The Religious Wrong—dealing effectively with opposition in the community”.

Recently it has been reported that Jennings failed to report to authorities the statutory rape of one his students when he was a teacher. This is old news for those who have followed the actions of Jennings and GLSEN.

For anyone who spends even an hour on the internet looking into Jennings’ speeches and writings, his nonchalant attitude about an older homosexual man having sex with a boy should not be a surprise. What is surprising is that no one is mentioning reports that Jennings publicly stated that he was inspired by one of the biggest promoters of pedophilia in the country—Harry Hay. Hay actively promoted sex between men and boys and supported the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). Transcripts of a GLSEN conference in NYC on October 25, 1997 indicate that Jennings said, “one of the people that always inspired me is Harry Hay.” Jennings also edited a book called Becoming Visible: A Reader in Gay and Lesbian History for High School and College Students which included a biographical sketch on Harry Hay. One of GLSEN’s Education Department resources also lists a work on Harry Hay.

And yes, Jennings did write the forward to a book called Queering Elementary Education. And another fellow you may have heard of wrote one of the endorsements on the book jacket—Bill Ayers.

And Jennings, the champion of tolerance and opponent of hate speech reportedly said of Christians—“ F___ ‘em” while speaking at Marble Collegiate Church in March of 2000.

And if you would really like to learn about the character and temperament of Jennings, I suggest you read his old blog posts on Huffington Post where his hatred of Christians oozes through his writings and Mr. Tolerance doesn’t seem so tolerant of those who disagree with his indoctrination practices.

And if you believe that Jennings is at the US Department of Education to partner with parents, think again. One of his blog posts encouraged Mormon kids to defy their parents and call his group:

To my dismay at times when I was a high school teacher, I found that young people had a way of defying their elders, especially when they saw that their elders were full of it. I am betting that young people in Utah will do that here. For any student looking for information on how to start a Gay-Straight Alliance, click here. And give us a call (212-727-0135) if you run into any trouble: we'll get back to you right away. I'll promise you that.

Parents, if you go to your children’s school and ask about GLSEN (they reportedly have 4000 groups in the U.S.) they will tell you that they are just there to stop bullying and preach tolerance for all.They will probably also call you a homophobe and a bigot for daring to ask what is being taught to your children.

I implore you—do your own research and find the truth. If this group were just about stopping bullying and getting all children to be kind to each other despite their differences, I would be the first to say “count me in!” But I’m afraid that this is just the front to an organization with a very different agenda. How else do you explain "fistgate"?

All of my experience, as the leader of a school board association, as a college instructor, as the Director of School Choice and the Senior Advisor on Family Educational Rights at the U.S. Department of Education, has led me to this sad fact: In many school districts Johnny has no understanding or appreciation of our founding and our free enterprise system; he can’t write a proper paragraph or essay, but he can put a condom on a cucumber in 6 seconds flat because of a network of people like Kevin Jennings. If Jennings resigned tomorrow absolutely nothing would change because the network is vast, well-funded and embedded in the very fabric of the public school system. Right under the noses of trusting parents.

So just how does someone, whom no parent would hire as a babysitter or tutor, get appointed to such a position of influence in the US Department of Education? I don’t believe there is a vetting problem in White House personnel; I think there is a morality problem. Part of that morality problem stems from this White House catering to billionaire George Soros, who is one of the highest level donors to GLSEN through his Open Society Institute. And part of that problem stems from this White House bowing to the teachers’ union (the NEA works closely with and funds GLSEN). And part of it is rooted in pandering for the votes of the homosexual community. In the end, it seems that this Administration has put money, power and votes over the needs and safety of children and parents. And that has nothing to do with right or left; it is just wrong.

What can be done? Nothing short of full and complete revolt by parents will have an impact. Parents must take back the schools from the unions and the indoctrinators. They must dig in and find the truth. They need to stop letting the teachers unions, and the school boards and the administrators pat them on the head and say “just put them on the bus and we’ll take it from there”.

It will take a full revolt, because I’ve seen what happens to well-meaning parents and grandparents who try to run for school board and make changes. The unions target them, harass them, and make their lives miserable. I used to have the transcript of a union training session where they taught their union members how to harass and fight and destroy parents and community leaders who ran for school board to instill parental rights and fiscal responsibility.

To fight them, parents really need to run a whole slate of school board candidates and take over the whole board and the whole school and boot out any administrator or teacher that doesn’t put the needs of children ahead of their own agenda. And be ready for a fight, because it will get uglier than you could ever imagine. I know, I’ve been in these battles.

And, I’m sorry to say, that sometimes you won’t win the fight. In some school districts the unions and special interests are so powerful that parents can’t win.

Parents, if the propagandists have overtaken your child’s school and you can’t fix it, then take your kids out and find a charter or private school that represents your values, or homeschool them. Take a second job if you must. Give up vacations and nice cars and anything else you don’t absolutely need, but do what ever you have to do to protect them from those who put adult agendas ahead of the innocence and safety of children.