Progressive Left Insiders: Thinkers, Speakers, and Doers of Evil

There's a quote in the Black Book of Communism that encapsulates the pathological hatred Progressive Left insiders bear for America: "Everywhere they looked they saw evil." Bolsheviks were merely early Progressives, and like today's Progressives, they saw as evil everything today's Progressive Left insiders see as evil in America: our living Creator, traditional marriage and family, male-female dichotomy, moral absolutes, norms, standards, religion and Christianity in particular, private property, individual freedom, and freedom of enterprise, which Leftists demonize as 'capitalism.'. For years America's Progressive Left has been mocking, jeering, and tearing our nation down. Fueled by mindless hate, they want the world to view our civilization as undeserving, evil, war-mongering, imperialist and so on ad nauseum.

That Progressive Obama and his entourage of Progressive self-crowned 'elites' failed in their mission to bring the Olympics here is a demonstration of the success of their treacherous duplicity. They want the world to hate America, to hold her in utter contempt, so now the Olympic Committee does, and showed its' contempt by throwing America out of the running immediately.

It is not America that is contemptuous, but Progressive Left insiders and the wimps who support their every treachery. It is not America that is a doer of evil but Progressive Left insiders and their morally neutered followers who are the thinkers, speakers, and doers of evil.

Progressivism is morally and intellectually bankrupt. When are we going to say "Enough is Enough!" and purge every last trace of Progressive ideology, which includes political correctness, hate crime laws, speech codes, queer theology, liberation theology, cultural Marxism, and the 'green movement' out of our nation?