"O" God: A Dialogue on Truth and Oprah's Spirituality (Youtube Video)

In "O" God, mega-bestselling Christian author and evangelist, Josh McDowell, teams up with Dave Sterrett, a gifted writer and popular speaker, to provide a fascinating, cutting-edge response to Oprah's splintered belief and the advice of the colorful teachers she promotes. "The danger is that while appearing to use Christian and inclusive language that at first seems similar to that of Christianity, Oprah teaches a message that is radically different and absolutely contrary to the true teaching of Scripture and historic Christianity," McDowell and Sterrett warn. In "O" God, you'll find answers to questions like:

Are there many ways to reach God, as Oprah teaches? Who was the real historical Jesus? Why would I worship the God of the Bible when he is described as jealous? Should a Christian embrace some other form of spirituality? Do we have the potential to discover that we are indeed God or the Supreme Being?

Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=J2Zs-H6hAJM&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0

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