Family group can't stomach Halls commercial

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 10/6/2009 7:00:00 AM American Decency Association (ADA) is taking issue with what it describes as a "perverse" ad aired last week on national television by Halls.

The commercial, which ADA says features "sexually suggestive thoughts" of a middle-aged woman and her son's college roommate, was aired on ABC's new show Cougar Town. ADA founder Bill Johnson says the program itself is raunchy and promotes immoral themes.

"They themselves [then] continue with a very similar theme [in] an advertisement that's featuring a 40ish lady and sexual connotations, illusions with a young college boy," explains Johnson. That theme, depicted in a commercial for a Halls product, is then interrupted when the woman's husband and son re-enter the room.

Johnson finds it hard to believe that such a commercial would appeal to the greater culture. "I believe that an advertisement like this really does grease the skids and does further promotion and legitimization of elderly ones with younger ones -- and it's like putting fuel before the fire," he says.

Johnson encourages people to contact Cadbury Adams, which owns Halls. Contact information, he adds, is found on the ADA website.