Obama Nominee: 'Gay' Buggery is Morally Good (Youtube Video)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOghvpWTl_U It is a demonstration of how inverted, twisted, and distorted our culture is today that 'sex' is something we do and 'gender' is what we are. At the founding of this civilization, the Founders knew that there are and always have been, just two sexes, male and female. That only two sexes exist, was to them a self-evident truth. Additionally, they knew gender to mean the abstract personification of nonliving objects. A boat for example, might be referred to as a 'she'.

When referring to either males or females who engage in unnatural acts, the people of our Founders time described such acts as sodomy. In cant, they spoke of buggerers and buggery.

The buggerer in the video calls buggery 'moral.' But by whose standards does she make such a claim? And by whose authority does her moral claim take validity? Now either the Transcendant Creator and Author of immutable truth, norms, standards, and moral absolutes is in fact dead, meaning that none of the preceding presuppositions and assumptions exist any longer, or He is not dead. Only in His absence however---His 'nonexistance'--- can the claim be made that truth and morality are relative---non-existant--- which means by extension that each person is his own truth and morals maker. Each man is in fact, a little 'g' godman. But if this is the case, then truth and morals claims made by gay buggerers are no more true or moral than claims made by jihadists, Ted Bundy, Hitler, and satanists. Hence, no one is obligated in the least bit to either heed her spewing or do as she says because each one of us is a little 'g' godman.

On the other hand, if He lives, then the gay buggerer is a moral imbecile---a double-speaking hypocritical tyrant trying to normalize the abnormal and force it onto everyone else. ...Linda