The Feds Want to Control Virtually All Water in the U.S. (Video)

Video: The plan to take control of virtually all water in the United States is still moving through Congress. In the Senate, the culprit is S-787. Until now, the federal government has had jurisdiction over “navigable” waters of the United States. This legislation would remove the word “navigable” from the definition leaving virtually all water under the jurisdiction of the federal government. It’s bad enough to watch government take control over all the water, but even that’s not enough for this crowd. This legislation also gives to the federal government authority to all “…activity that may affect…” the waters of the United States. This language gives the federal government ultimate authority over every farm, over every building project, and over every storm sewer in the nation.

Where are the states? Every state legislature should call their Congressmen before legislative hearings and demand that the Congressmen protect their state’s rights under the 10th Amendment. Remember the Constitution?

Freedom 21: