They never rest when it comes to targeting your kids; GLSEN Massachusetts recruiting "youth leaders" to strengthen gay clubs in schools.

Massresistance Update They never rest when it comes to targeting your kids. GLSEN, the organization that Kevin Jennings founded, is still going stronger than ever.

The following email was sent to homosexual and transgender activists across Massachusetts. They are looking for "student leaders" to organize high school kids to get advanced training in homosexual activism. Among other things, these sessions train kids to persuade and intimidate teachers, school administrators, and school board members who may have objections to GLSEN's homosexual / transgender activities.

Note: Eva Rosenberg is a hard-core GLSEN activist and organizer who rose up the ranks and became a GLSEN board member while wtill a student at Lexington High School.

Here's the email sent to activists across the state:

From: Eva Rosenberg Date: Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 9:07 AM Subject: GLSEN MA needs youth!

Youth Leaders Needed for the GSA Networking Series

GLSEN Massachusetts is looking for high school students who are interested in becoming Youth Leaders for our 2009-2010 GSA Networking Series. The GSA Networking Series is comprised of two summits targeted to student GSA (gay-straight alliance) members across the state, and the GLSEN Massachusetts Youth Leaders will work with teachers and members of our Board of Directors to organize parts of the series.

If you know students who are interested, please have them email a brief letter of interest to by Friday, October 9. If you or your students have any questions, please call Rachel at 617-869-6510.

-- Eva Rosenberg Chair, Harvard Transgender Task Force Chair Emerita, Radcliffe Union of Students

As a member of the tax-supported Massachusetts Commission for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth, GLSEN can also use that power to get into the schools.

MassResistance has filed a bill in the Legislature, H145, to disband that Commission. We will keep updated on its progress and what you can do.