Obamacare Counts Calories

Human Eventsby Deroy Murdock

San Franciso -- H.R. 3692, the monstrous healthcare reform bill that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D – Calif.) unleashed on October 30, comprises 1,990 pages of dense, nearly impenetrable prose. This legislation is precisely 10 sheets shy of four reams of paper. Just 10 pages after completing its third full ream, this bill reveals on page 1,510 yet another reason to reject ObamaCare: an unfunded federal mandate for nutrition labeling at chain restaurants and even on vending machines.

In language that would stir only a House committee chairman’s heart, this bill’s Section 2572 begins: “TECHNICAL AMENDMENTS. — Section 403(q)(5)(A) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 343(q)(5)(A)) is amended — (1) in subclause (i), by inserting ‘Except as provided in clause (H)(ii)(III),’ after ‘(i)’ ; and (2) in subclause (ii), by inserting ‘except as provided in clause (H)(ii)(III),’ after ‘(ii)’”.

Any American still conscious after that passage would discover that H.R. 3692 requires food chains with 20 or more outlets to display “in a clear and conspicuous manner…a nutrient content disclosure statement.” It must include caloric information on each standard food item, beside its spot on the menu. Diners also are entitled to “a succinct statement concerning suggested daily caloric intake, as specified by the [Health] Secretary by regulation and posted prominently…”

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