Over 40 Dead And Wounded Soldiers, Can We Start Calling Them Terrorists Again?

Conservatives UndergroundBy Joe Clarke

"Obama’s team has outlawed the word 'terrorism' and replaced it with 'man made catastrophe'" August 2009.

I hate to paint an entire religion with a five inch wide paint brush, but may I use a twoand- a-half inch brush to say that there are a whole lot of Moslems, both domestic and abroad, who don't like our country, and especially one of our favorite religions, i.e. Christianity? New York, May 23, 2007 (ANI): One in four young American Muslims believe suicide bombings against innocent civilians is fine if Islam has to be defended.

Another poll has shown that “...only 35% of American Muslims stated that the decision for military action in Afghanistan was the right one and just 12% supported the use of military force in Iraq"

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