'No' to Jesus, 'yes' to Allah

Chad Groening - OneNewsNow - 11/17/2009 4:00:00 AM The nation's largest public policy women's organization is calling on members of the United States Senate to reject the appointment of President Barack Obama's first judicial nominee who has said 'no' to Jesus, but 'yes' to Allah.

Judge David Hamilton is being voted on by the Senate on Tuesday, November 17 for a seat on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago.

Many conservatives are concerned about Hamilton's appointment because of his rocky history. Hamilton has served as a fundraiser for ACORN, a liberal group plagued with voter fraud charges and other questionable practices. He also once gave the order to stop prayers at the Indiana State House in the name of Jesus, but later stated that praying in the name of Allah was okay.

Mario Diaz, policy director for legal issues of Concerned Women for America, weighs in on the matter.

“It's totally nonsensical and fitting that we are talking about it this moment when we have seen some tragedies coming from people from the Muslim religion," he says. "And we see in the media how they can't make the connection. They don't want to say anything bad about the Muslim religion of Allah or anything, but to Christians, it's okay to say bad things about them. Political correctness brings liberals to think everybody is good, except us. We are the problem."

This is the mindset Diaz believes Judge Hamilton employs.