Christian leader fights for public vote on DC gay marriage

Jim Brown - OneNewsNow - 11/18/2009 6:40:00 AM Traditional marriage advocates in Washington, DC are telling city officials "We'll see you in court."

The DC Board of Elections and Ethics ruled yesterday that a measure to let voters decide whether to ban same-sex marriages in DC cannot go on the ballot. According to the board, such a measure would violate the city's human rights law.

The DC City Council is expected to approve same-sex marriage next month, but proponents of traditional marriage are planning to hold a rally in Washington on December 8th to lobby members of Congress to override the council's wishes.

Bishop Harry Jackson Jr., who heads the group Stand for Marriage DC, says an important civil right of same-sex marriage opponents is being violated in the District.

"The Home Rule Charter tells us that we should have the same rights as the DC Board of Elections and as the DC City Council," Jackson contends. "In other words, if they can vote on something, we can vote on something. If they can initiate a law, we should be able to initiate a law, as what is done in Maine and California."

Jackson says Stand for Marriage DC intends to appeal the decision by the Election Board to the DC Superior Court.