American Music Awards become 'modern Sodom';Openly 'gay' Adam Lambert simulates sex acts with men on ABC broadcast

Posted: November 23, 200911:22 am Eastern

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Editor's Note: This story contains references to very objectionable adult material, which also is included in the video of the Lambert performance.

Openly homosexual former "American Idol" performer Adam Lambert shocked the American Music Awards audience last night by shoving dance team members' faces into his crotch, leading others around on dog leashes and delivering a passionate on-stage kiss to his male keyboard player during the ABC broadcast.

The performance of his new song, "For Your Entertainment," marks his first public appearance since his "American Idol" competition loss to Christian Kris Allen.

According to the London Telegraph, Lambert was unapologetic to anyone who might have been offended, saying, "Maybe I'm not your cup of tea."

Lyrics of the song included: "Hold on until it's over. Can you handle what I'm about to do. It's about to get rough with you."

Shortly after word of the performance started spreading, the video was withdrawn from YouTube because of a "copyright claim" from Dick Clark Productions.

Immediately following the performance, Adam Lambert was the most trending topic on Twitter. Lambert was defiant on his Twitter page, proclaiming, "All hail freedom of expression and artistic integrity. ... fans: I adore u."

But viewers were not necessarily responding in kind. One observer described the performance as a "modern Sodom." On a New York Daily News poll asking, "Do you think Adam went too far with his performance?" two out of three respondents agreed.

Sixty-four percent said, "It was unnecessary and inappropriate for television." Only 24 percent said, "He took a risk and did something different that was worth watching." Another 12 percent said the show would have been more appropriate for cable television.

Lambert's provocative performance began with him dragging a leather-and-fishnet-clad dancer across the stage.

Wearing eye makeup and a pompadour, he then grabbed the head of a male dancer and pulled him into his crotch.

He broke off his gyrations long enough for a long kiss with his male keyboard player and finished with a high-pitched howl he's known to deliver.

ABC producers were unaware of the planned same-sex make-out session, reports Rolling Stone. However, Lambert's performance was advertised as "eye-popping" and something "you'd be talking about tomorrow."

Lambert told Rolling Stone he didn't do anything female performers haven't done on television already – and that if ABC censored any part of his performance for the West Coast rebroadcast, it would amount to "discrimination."

"It's a shame because I think that there's a double standard going on in the entertainment community right now," Lambert told Rolling Stone backstage after the show at Los Angeles' Nokia Theatre. "Female performers have been doing this for years – pushing the envelope about sexuality – and the minute a man does it, everybody freaks out. We're in 2009; it's time to take risks, be a little more brave, time to open people's eyes and if it offends them, then maybe I'm not for them. My goal was not to piss people off, it was to promote freedom of expression and artistic freedom."

The Telegraph reported the Federal Communications Commission was preparing for an onslaught of complaints over the graphic nature of the performance. The report said on Twitter and other Internet forums, watchers called the show "disgustingly vulgar."

"Has ABC lost their minds? How on earth do they think airing this is OK?" wrote one forum participant.

Ironically, Sunday's awards were opened by Janet Jackson, who was embroiled in controversy following her infamous "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show. Pop star Justin Timberlake ripped off a portion of Jackson's costume, exposing her breast to millions of viewers. The incident was investigated by the FCC and CBS was fined.

Lambert had been defeated on "American Idol" by Kris Allen, a mild-mannered Christian described as a "dark horse."

The outcome of the vote stunned many who thought Lambert would be the victor.

"Huge upset," said WFLX-TV news anchor Eric Roby, who said he and co-anchor Suzanne Boyd were shocked as they watched the program from their West Palm Beach, Fla., studio. "We were both screaming in the make-up room. Couldn't believe it."

Lambert had been dubbed a "rock god" by "Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi, a songwriter herself.

Simon Cowell, the judge known for his put-downs of less-than-stellar competitors, had predicted Lambert would win the contest and that he likely would become a worldwide star.