Boston-Style Assault on Christmas--Debauched Liberals Praise "The Slutcracker"

Ready for a Boston-style assault on Christmas? Check out “The Slutcracker” coming to the Somerville Theatre. It’s a celebration of strippers, sadomasochism, transsexuals, and “the carefree realm of sexual fantasy.” Of course, the blurbs in Boston Magazine, the Boston Herald, or the Boston Globe only hint at how raunchy it is.

Unbelievably, the Boston Herald even jokes about sexual abuse of children in its Holiday Arts Preview:

And if the Santa Claus in your life needs some lovin’, “The Slutcracker” may be just the thing to set the mood. A parody retelling of the classic, written and directed by Vanessa White, this sexy, freaky, holiday, zeitgeist spectacular runs at the Somerville Theatre Dec. 10-20. Let’s just hope Drosselmeyer doesn’t do anything illegal with the kids.

With barf-bag at hand, click here: