Disinformation from Corrupt Moonbats

The PatriotPost.US Prophets of Doom: "Facing a clock some say has ticked down to zero, [Monday] 192 nations came together to take on a potential global catastrophe." --ABC reporter Bob Woodruff

Still pushing the agenda: "Despite growing scientific evidence that humans are to blame for warming the planet -- rising sea level, melting glaciers, more intense droughts -- polls show the number of Americans who believe global warming is happening is at its lowest point in 12 years." --ABC reporter Clayton Sandell, who mentioned the Climategate emails without giving specifics

Ignore the scandal: "Now, also under discussion here [at Copenhagen] are those stolen e-mails from a British University that have made this scandal called Climategate. And, essentially, in those e-mails, some climate scientists seem to be suggesting that perhaps they're massaging the data." --NBC's Anne Thompson (Wow, is that all? Then why the uproar?)

"I mean is someone using differences in semantics to try and play up a controversy that's not really there?" --MSNBC's Contessa Brewer dismissing Climategate

The BIG Lie: "If things go well in Copenhagen, the usual suspects will go wild. We'll hear cries that the whole notion of global warming is a hoax perpetrated by a vast scientific conspiracy, as demonstrated by stolen e-mail messages that show -- well, actually all they show is that scientists are human, but never mind. We'll also, however, hear cries that climate-change policies will destroy jobs and growth. The truth, however, is that cutting greenhouse gas emissions is affordable as well as essential. Serious studies say that we can achieve sharp reductions in emissions with only a small impact on the economy's growth. And the depressed economy is no reason to wait -- on the contrary, an agreement in Copenhagen would probably help the economy recover." --New York Times columnist and former Enron adviser Paul Krugman

"As we approach this Christmas season it doesn't look like there's going to be very much under the tree for this administration. I mean, you saw this jobs fair [last week]. But as the president talked to people during this jobs fair, he was saying, you know, in the end, it's going to be up to private enterprise to find the jobs to get us out of this. That's another way of saying there just isn't anymore money that the government has, even to try to stimulate this economy." --CBS's Bob Schieffer (Memo to Schieffer: The government NEVER has money of its own. The money comes from "we the people/taxpayers.")