Huge 'Marriage penalty for Middleclass' buried in healthcare bills

Jim Brown - OneNewsNow - 12/14/2009 6:00:00 AM A Republican candidate for Congress in Minnesota says "a huge marriage penalty for the American middle class" is hidden in both the House and Senate healthcare bills.

Former Minnesota state legislator Allen Quist points out that two single people each making $30,000 per year would pay $1,320 combined for private health insurance if the Pelosi House bill was in effect now. However, if the two individuals were to marry, they would pay a combined cost of $12,000 a year for the same level of insurance under the Pelosi bill.

Quist notes this "marriage penalty" extends all the way from a two-person combined income of $58,280 to $86,640. The GOP candidate notes that that $28,000 spread encompasses a large number of Americans.

"Let me be very blunt," says the House hopeful. "Tyrants know that marriage and family are the basic core of society and the basic foundation of government -- and if people are going to control others, they see marriage and family as their number-one threat.

"So tyrants always want to weaken the family," he concludes, "and that's what this bill is designed to do. And it's designed to do it very effectively."

Quist says when reading the health bill, most Americans will not likely notice the "marriage penalty," but it immediately stood out to him because the legislation is based on the federal poverty level, a subject he knows well. (See more details