Angry Obama Loses His Cool as Copenhagen Freezes

The Examiner by William Hughes

Our president is quite the angry man these days.

Perhaps his heart is two sizes too small, or maybe he just hates the residents of Who-ville (and “bitter Americans clinging to guns and religion” here in America.) Perhaps being forced by public opinion to retain the “religious” aspect of White House Christmas decorations has placed our man in Washington in a foul mood.

Perhaps, it is the fact that he is now the most unpopular president ever recorded this early into a first term.

Perhaps it’s because his “stimulus bill” that in his mind has been so successful it calls for a sequel, has seen 49 out of 50 states continue to lose jobs in the 9 months since it was enacted.

Maybe it was the new Battleground Poll released December 16 that found that the number of respondents choosing to self-identify as “very or somewhat conservative” has reached 63% while the number of those self-identifying as “very or somewhat liberal” represent 33% with the all-important moderates registering at a whopping 1%. You’ll note, of course, that the all-important and clearly unbiased media continue to advise the GOP to abandon their 63% in favor of the massive 1% middle as the only hope for future electoral success under the guise of a “big tent.” The remaining 3% in the survey are so well-informed that they couldn’t even decide what their ideology is.

Even his formerly close personal friend, Communist Dictator Hugo Chavez, said that the “one we’ve been waiting for” smells like sulfur after all. And to think, it was only a few months back that these two political soul mates were high-fiving, hugging and exchanging gifts at a “Bash America Now” convention where Obama graciously thanked various rogues for at least not holding him personally responsible for the evils of America before he became president.

Whatever the reason, the former harbinger of “hope and change” has turned into quite the candidate for anger management. It began in earnest with Mr. Obama’s “both sides now” speech on the Afghanistan War. At the speech, Mr. Obama looked incredibly ill-at-ease while announcing his plan to both start a surge and retreat (an homage to his Illinois senate days where he cast countless “present” votes.) Unlike the smooth TelePrompter reader and brave ACORN trainer of the old days, this president was clearly annoyed. (To be fair, he could have been annoyed at the large number of cadets that were captured on national television dozing off during his speech.) His trademark charm was replaced with a scowl and furrowed brow. His jubilant rhetoric of self-adoration was replaced by an angry condescending know-it-all kind of vibe.

Surely someone in the White House could tell him that Americans don’t generally like know-it-alls. We usually beat them up and take their lunch money.

The same has been true with health care. As if filled to the brim with seething rage over the prospect that anyone would dare question him, Mr. Obama’s speeches and promotion of the only reform standing between us and widespread death and disease have been low on the inspiration and heavy on the condemning fear-mongering. Rational debate, nay even reading of the bill, are off limits, and the president is left with thinly veiled threats to congressmen like the one directed to Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio, in which the Commander-in-Chief warned his “brother” that he was “keeping score” and not-so-subtle threats to every day Americans, doctors, and insurance companies for being “selfish” or “greedy.” (A favorite tactic of the temperamental toddler.)

The president, who fancies himself a solid B+ or A- in the presidency thus far, was supposed to be loved and adored in Copenhagen, ground zero for the new communist movement known as “the green movement.” (Do a quick google search on Gorbachev and “green movement” for more on that one.) Global warming propagandists and frauds from all over the world have converged on Copenhagen to promote a new Communist global initiative that will further crush America’s economy. Of course, who cares about putting food on the table when you have carbon footprints to consider? Raising our utility bills in some cases by 100-200% is the least we could do when we can barely pay our bills as it is.

So in the completely snow-covered global warming convention, Mr. Obama was supposed to be a rock star. President Bush, we were told, had so damaged our nation’s prestige in the world (particularly on the environment) that only a political deity like Obama could dig us out of this negative avalanche.

Yet, the great hope of Saul Alinsky has fallen flat on his face. It seems the world is souring on President Obama nearly as quickly as America is. The U.K.’s Guardian reports that Obama “looked visibly frustrated as he appeared before world leaders.” Fringe gaggle of environmental freaks known as “Friends of Earth” claimed that Mr. Obama had “disappointed the whole world.” Another observer remarked candidly that perhaps “Copenhagen isn’t Mr. Obama’s city” after his other failed visit here in an attempt to score an Olympic hosting job for Chicago. Then of course there was the fore-mentioned attack by his pal Chavez and an accompanying one from Castro.

Perhaps the “citizen of the world” returning to America with his tail between his legs, can muster the strength to put aside his “hurt feelings” that people have rejected his supreme deity over mankind long enough to handle the little incident in Iraq, where peace-loving Iran has capturing an Iraqi oil field (no doubt simply for peaceful energy production similar to their nuclear program that Mr. Obama fails to see a problem with.) Probably not. It will simply be noted in a future speech as another positive contribution to America by Muslims.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Just earlier this year the conventional wisdom was that Obama’s mug would be on Mount Rushmore by now, and elections would be abolished in order to establish lifelong tenure as President, while simultaneously starting up his campaign for world potentate.

Something else has happened entirely. It appears that Mr. Obama and his gaggle of left-wing extremists have awakened a sleeping giant. The media is completely aghast at the simpletons in this country that just don’t understand what a gift we have in the White House (despite his daily attempts to tell us.)

As our president licks his wounds and begins repeating personal positive affirmations to himself in the mirror, it has to sting just a bit how much love and adoration greeted his nemesis, NY Times Bestselling author (4 weeks and counting at #1--a record for a politician) Sarah Palin, as thousands upon thousands turned up in locations across the nation and braved the elements and the lines for a glimpse at the “arctic fox.”

And this is just the beginning for President Obama. It looks like 2010 will make 2009’s “winter of his discontent” look like the good-old days.

By contrast, 2010 is looking like a great year for America (and Sarah Palin!)