Graphic homosexual handouts and paraphernalia given to kids at the Fistgate conference run by "Safe Schools" czar Kevin Jennings in 2000

Massresistance Update Extremely disturbing. See links below. POSTED: Dec 23, 2009 The infamous “fistgate” conference in 2000 -- run by Obama's “Safe Schools” czar Kevin Jennings and which included kids as young as 12 -- didn’t end with the horrible tape recordings of workshops where children were taught about homosexual sexual practices. There were also hideous handouts given to kids at that conference. (About 200 young teens and 300 adults attended the event.)

Jennings and his GLSEN conference talk about "tolerance" and "safety." But it's really all about persuading children to be comfortable with homosexual sex.

What you are about to see is extremely disturbing. But it's happening in your schools. And it’s a window into the mindset of Kevin Jennings and the homosexual activists targeting children. (Many of these were first discussed by Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman in 2000 in media interviews, and were also described by the "veteran teacher" in the Massachusetts News article in 2000.) Now that people across the country are finally paying more attention, we're publishing them. They are truly beyond belief.

These were handed out at the Conference to children: (WARNING: The pages linked to below are VERY disturbing.) Click here: