Leftists Spin Attempted Northwest Airlines Attack as Evidence of Fake Al-Qaeda Threat

William Jacobson wrote an important post this morning on the leftist reaction to the attempted bombing of Northwest Airlines 253. See, "Terrorist Attacks Plane, Think Progress Attacks Pete Hoekstra." Checking William's essay we find that the first reaction of radical bloggers is to deny conservatives a partisan advantage on national security. Steve Benen's entry was the most egregious, "PETE HOEKSTRA, SHAMELESS BUFFOON...." Basically, amid a security threat that even the administration's taking seriously, radical leftists are reduced to namecalling. But there's something more significant to consider with regards to how the left perceives this terror plot. I'm reading Spencer Ackerman's post on this, "al-Qaeda’s Desperate Bid For Relevance, The Failed Plane Attack & Afghanistan." Despite his purported national security "credentials," Spencer Ackerman's woefully unserious about war and terrorism. Recall that this is the guy who called for President George W. Bush's death at the Hague, and for that reason alone his rants will garner the attention of leftist foreign policy vultures. A good example of this childishness is Ackerman's tweet from yesterday, seen here: http://rightwingnews.com/2009/12/leftists-spin-attempted-northwest-airlines-attack-as-evidence-of-fake-al-qaeda-threat/