The Night the United States Died

Worth ReadingBy Frank S. Rosenbloom, M.D. It's Jan. 20, 2017, and we are gathered together in a small house on the edge of a lake in Eastern Texas. We comprise multiple families and by occupation include former college professors, lawyers and physicians. All of us are conservative, forced to withdraw from our professions and seek refuge in an out-of-the-way place in a red state. Three months ago, we refused to sign the required pledge to abide by the "Freedom of Choice" law, which mandates the promotion of abortion, homosexuality and other anti-Judeo-Christian acts.

All eyes are glued to NBC News, the sole remaining newscast, for coverage of the inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama for his third term in office. In 2015, both houses of Congress voted to abolish presidential term limits. No amendment to the Constitution was needed, they argued, as it had become irrelevant in a "real democracy." Challenges to the new law were struck down by the Supreme Court, with Chief Justice Michelle Obama stating: "The people have spoken."

Important speakers at the event included Prime Minister Nancy Pelosi. She was recently elevated to her new position for a 10-year term by presidential order. Pro-Consul Harry Reid, lifetime Senate leader, and Vice President and Propaganda Minister Joe Biden also spoke.

The new Chinese premier, Chew Us Up, spoke for over one hour, praising President Obama for inviting China to share the naval base at Pearl Harbor following their successful retaking of Taiwan. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lauded Mr. Obama for his efforts to promote socialism. Chavez and his wife will be vacationing with President Obama and Chief Justice Michelle Obama in Australia after the inevitable fall of that isolated nation to the ongoing Chinese naval blockade. He also noted the recent Chinese occupation of Mongolia as a major step toward relieving the pressure of overpopulation in his country.

The most rousing speech, however, other than that of the Dear Leader himself, was given by Vladimir Putin, premier of the newly re-established Soviet Union. He expressed his thanks to Mr. Obama for convincing the Baltic States, the Ukraine and Georgia to agree to re-occupation without resistance, assuring a peaceful takeover. He exuded confidence that Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia would soon succumb to ongoing military action.

Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad praised Mr. Obama for embracing change. The tension that temporarily existed after Iran's nuclear attack on Israel seems to have blown over, especially after the actions by Home Religion Minister Rev. Jeremiah Wright against unruly Jews here in the U.S. Mr. Obama is still in favor of a full investigation, to be carried out when radiation levels in the area that used to be Israel have decreased enough.

Unable to attend was Prime Minister Osama bin Laden of the United Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Afghanistan, as his country is bracing for war against India. Mr. Obama is brokering an agreement between Mr. bin Laden and Premier Chew Us Up in which India could be divided between them.

Heads of the European Union did not attend, still stinging from the ultimatum delivered by Obama last week. They have so far refused to allow Soviet occupation and domination unless they can be assured of continued government benefits under the new regime. The French have, characteristically, approached the Soviets themselves to plead for preferential treatment, angering the rest of the E.U. Nonetheless, they have vowed never to fight. Germany has indicated it may consider the offer of peaceful occupation if it could be guaranteed the governorship of the new territory. Britain has vowed never to submit, but has no hope of holding out against an attack.

Those of us here, in contact with other like-minded souls elsewhere, understand this to be the end of the United States. But it did not happen overnight. It began in 1933 with the "New Deal" and continued in 1965 with the "Great Society." Each new "crisis" brought "change" that eroded allegiance to the Constitution and promoted greater dependence on government. However, we are all in agreement that the real nail in the coffin of the United States occurred in the dead of night, behind the closed doors of the Senate on Dec. 24, 2009. The Senate voted to pass an unconstitutional health-care bill that gave the government control of health care and setting in motion an unstoppable cascade of events.

Health-care costs rose by more than 20 percent in each of the years from 2010 to 2014 as a result of the legislation. Of course, the president blamed the private health-care companies, all of which were swept out of existence by a presidential emergency order in 2015. The government then took over the hospitals and nationalized all medical care. Along with the effects of cap-and-trade, the economy slumped even further and the president nationalized the banks. China threatened to call in the debt unless they received major concessions. Inflation hit 500 percent in 2013. State governments, desperate to increase funds, tripled property taxes.

When states went bankrupt, the federal government seized control with the help of Mr. Obama's civilian domestic security force, The Acorn Brigade, also known as the "Nut Squad." In exchange for federal bailouts, the states had to relinquish all states' rights. Mr. Obama redistributed the property repossessed by the states to previously illegal immigrants and the poor. This, along with government-funded free health care, ensured that one party rule would continue indefinitely.

Conservatives predicted that it would happen, but the warnings fell on mostly deaf ears. Now, as many former supporters of Mr. Obama suffer the same fate, they realize, much too late, the consequences of ignoring history.

Dec. 24, 2009: the night the U.S. died, a day that will live in infamy; it will be viewed by future generations as the darkest day in world history. The names of the perpetrators of the death of freedom for the entire world, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid,will be remembered, alongside those of earlier tyrants, for all time.

Frank S. Rosenbloom, M.D., is board-certified in internal medicine. He practices general internal medicine and hospital medicine in Portland, Ore. He serves as president of Oregon Right to Life and is a contributor for Fresh Conservative. His book on health care, "Lethal Prescription: We must prevent a health-care disaster," will be in bookstores in early 2010.