Beck's 'Dumbest Thing' Argument is Philosophically Flawed

Rev M. Bresciani Glenn Beck recently said that giving ‘Birthers’ air time would benefit the Obama administration. Beck said both the idea of radio air time and the birthers arguments were the "dumbest thing I ever heard."

Beck’s answer to the birther’s quest is to take up something else like the constitutionality of health care and the legality of Czars. We have to wonder if Beck has forgotten that we have a democratically controlled House and Senate.

If the best minds of the conservatives were to form the question of constitutionality on these issues who would listen and how would that be voted on in either house? To the rest of us, at least for the moment (until after the 2010 elections) that idea may be the ‘dumbest thing we ever heard of.’

Even among conservative commentators there exists the possibility of some home grown megalomania bred of their own success. We must constantly remind ourselves and our trusted icons of the airwaves that ‘newsmen are not supposed to create our truth for us’ but we expect them only to report it for us.

Beck seems to have forgotten that birthers are not so much complaining about what has been seen of the Obama papers but it is the many documents that have not been seen that raises the questions. The little short form BC that was posted online has so far been the only offer of anything from the President. Here is the absurdity of the whole matter.

The hardest thing to believe is not whether the short form posted online is legitimate but rather why has a nation decided to put a man into the most powerful office in the world with only that as a means of vetting him? The question falls on the vetting process, the credulity of our system and ultimately on the people of the United States. More: