A Perfect Hatred

by Joel McDurmon, Jan 08, 2010One headline inveighs, “Anti-gay bigots plunge Africa into new era of hate crimes.” The article complains, “As far as gay rights are concerned, it would appear that much of Africa is going backwards.” Another headline: “In Uganda, a Hate That We Must Confront.” Yet another, “Hate begets hate.” There are many. In fact a Google News search (not a plain search, but a narrowed search specifically for news stories) for the words “Uganda” and “hate” turns up almost a hundred hits for just the past month.

Now mind you these are not merely news stories about the Ugandan homosexuality bill in general; rather, these are new stories about that issue that specifically contain the word “hate.” This is not “unbiased” news by any means, but obviously very slanted in favor of promoting homosexual acts and values in society. This is no surprise coming from the liberal media, but I would like to explore this word “hate” as it is so loosely thrown about. I apologize at the outset for the greater-than-normal length of this article, but the issue of defining “hate” in society is extremely important and badly neglected by Christians. I hope you will take the time and patience to read to the end.

Notice it’s only the left that attacks “right wingers” with this term, as if “hatred” were something seething only in the breasts of conservatives. We conservatives are supposed, I assume, to cower in shame at harboring such meanness before the face of Almighty Tolerant Liberals who wish for nothing more than that everyone be loved for whatever they wish to do (except criticize liberals, of course). The problem is that so many of us in fact do cower and fall prey to this scam about “hate.” It is time we stood up and deconstructed this liberal charade of “hate.”

More: http://www.americanvision.org/article/a-perfect-hatred/