Listen Up Congress! The Sound of Drums & Fifes are coming from the direction of Detroit

Canada Free Pressby Judi McLeod

When the brave drummers and fifers were the front line at the 9.12 project in Washington DC last September, patriots from the State of Michigan sent up the loudest cheer. Culled by Internet Email, the drummers and fifers made people’s eyes tear over when they were forced to march on toward the Capitol one hour and a half earlier than scheduled. Not knowing what was ahead, it was their moment of unforgettable pride when they saw a million people cheering them on, and more people still pouring into the streets for the protest that put Tea Parties on the American map.

Given that politicians have made all but a ghost town of their still proud Detroit, the Southeast Michigan 9.12 Project and their allied grassroots organizations have something special to protect: Drums and fifes forever in Detroit.

They made Old Man Winter warm when they gathered by the thousands yesterday at the southeast corner of Big Beaver and Coolidge, at Troy’s Somerset Mall, sending a typical Michigan loud message to DC: “Listen Up Congress!”

Motorists tooting their horns in support proved that patriotism is alive and well in Detroit, Michigan.

“Our peacefully rally’s purpose was to express our concern and indignation with our elected representatives in Washington D.C.,” Stephen Ross, chairman of the Southeast Michigan 9.12 project told Canada Free Press (CFP). “Congress and the President have failed to acknowledge that fellow citizens of the United States are concerned that the 2,000 pages plus health bill will soon be passed into law. The result of this law will ultimately force everyone into a federally mandated health care program. This one size fits all bill that is laden with pork, and is being forced upon the citizens of the United States does not remedy the problem. There are other alternatives. Congress and the President have refused to consider those alternatives all during the 2009, and now are recklessly deconstructing the best health care system in the world.”

Southeast Michigan 9.12 organizers—one step ahead of DC as usual—handed out early releases of the State of the State and State of the Union Addresses.

Meanwhile Michigan patriots are asking “Ghosts in Detroit. What ghosts? Listen up Congress and you will hear the most haunting sound of them all: Drums and fifes coming from the direction of Detroit.

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