What Do Jesus, Rifle Scopes, and Dead Terrorists Have In Common?

Worth Readingby Doug Giles

In the latest edition of political correctness gone wild, Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation are droning on about scope manufacturer Trijicon putting Scripture references on their gun optics that our troops use to kill Muslim maniacs. They think a biblical citation will offend our opposition and be used as a recruiting tool for terrorist tools.

This politically correct, anti-Christian military “watch dog” is the same group of wizards that didn’t catch Nidal Malik Hasan’s “SoA” (Soldier of Allah ref) on his military business card and claim that somehow Hasan felt harassed by non-Muslim military meanies into killing our troops at Fort Hood. How sweet.

Yep, the overly sensitive ones at MRFF are very concerned that an obscure Scripture reference built into the serial number in tiny, wittle print on the base of Trijicon scopes will affront Achmed the Terrorist. That would be the same Achmed who screams “Allahu Akbar!” before he lights his penis on fire at 30,000 feet.

Call me crazy, but I’d think that the most odious aspects of Trijicon’s optics, if I were a terrorist, would not be the murky Bible references but the following ... •Trijicon’s self-luminous aiming systems that have been battle-tested by those who protect and defend the USA around the globe—rightfully earning Trijicon the reputation of having the most sophisticated and dependable deadly optics on the planet. Yep, Trijicon has united long-range accuracy with instantaneous shot placement like no other. Now ... if I were part of the Taliban, that would tick me off more than JHN.8:12 on a sight rail would. Fo’ shizzle, my nizzle.

•Another thing that would irk me if I were a “Man Made Disaster” (or whatever Napolitano calls terrorists) more than John 3:16 could ever hope to would be Trijicon’s Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight™ (ACOG). Why would the ACOG get under my skin? Well, it’s because this little gadget provides “instinctive” target acquisition and increased hit potential in all lighting conditions. That’s way offensive!

•Another thing that would really get me PO’ed if I were an al-Qaeda op is the Bindon Aiming Concept™ (BAC). Y’know ... aiming with both eyes open! This crap gives the USA a far superior sense of balance and a wider field-of-view. Indeed, the combination of these benefits with a magnified Trijicon sight gives our troops a considerable advantage over their targets. And we all know how unfair that is to Islamic radicals.

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