The Obama Road to Serfdom

Worth Readingby Thomas E. Brewton

During 2009 we travelled far along the downward economic spiral that Friederich von Hayek in 1944 accurately foresaw for Great Britain under the post-War socialist Labour Party government.

This Wall Street Journal editorial lays out the nauseating hypocrisy of Obama’s phony PR gesture in the direction of fiscal probity.

Only blind faith in the secular religion of socialism can explain Obama’s rush to subordinate every aspect of our lives to the control of socialistic ideologues like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, David Axelrod, Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn. Obama and his people presume to omniscience, because they have been “educated” by elite socialistic universities. They assume arrogantly that the American people are dunces who can’t find their way to the bathroom without guidance from the intellectuals. In their ideology the only just and desirable society is based upon what Franklin Roosevelt termed security, what in earlier periods of history was called serfdom.

Serfdom was a political structure under which farmers were tethered to their land in return for protection by their overlords. What they could do and where they could go was tightly regulated by those overlords, whose part of the bargain was providing their serfs security. Such security was, for centuries, economically stagnating and and intellectually stultifying.

With one of the worst educational systems in the developed world, courtesy of liberal-progressive teachers’ unions, the United States is well on the way to being a dumbed-down, servile nation. Loading us with amounts of debt that can never be repaid, even with Obama’s proposed levels of taxation, guarantees our servitude to the Washington elite.