Return of the Race of Gods and Goddesses

In the article, "First Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop Says St. Paul Was Condemning Homosexual Acts by Heterosexuals" by Karen Schuberg, the underlying implications of the 'gay' bishop are these: Today there are at least two distinct 'races' of mankind. They are something called 'homosexual' and something called 'heterosexual.' The 'homosexual' race evolved to engage in sodomy---among other acts--- while the heterosexual 'race' evolved to engage in nonsodomitical acts. It is therefore a grave sin for the latter 'race' to engage in sodomitical acts. In fact, it is abnormal for them to do so. By extension of this insane reasoning, the recently evolved race of men known as 'homosexual' are obviously 'higher' than the race of heterosexuals who, having been by-passed by the evolution spirit are today's dinosaurs, which means that the traditional two-parent family is also a thing of the past. If we fall for this demonically-inverted snake-oil, not only more will be sold to us, but we will be expected to accept it without exception and without dissent. For if 'sodomy' implies a 'newly evolved' race of mankind, it follows that pedophilia, pederasty, rape, coprophilia, sado-masochism, cross-dressers, transgenders, and all weird fetishism imply newly evolved-emergent races of man as well.

The terrible consequences to all of us and especially to our children should be apparent. Imagine pedophilia and pederasty legitimized. and the power of law used against parents by child-predators to secure access to children.

There is nothing new in this world. What once was always comes again but masked as something new and different. In pre-Biblical times, babies, children, older youth and females were freely available for every filthy, abominable purpose imaginable. Young boys were 'gelded' and sold as pseudo-girls to powerful, wealthy debauchees who collected them into harems.

It was Christian moral ethics that finally put an end to these abominable practices. But by and large, America has abandoned Jesus Christ, unchanging Truth, and Christian moral ethics. In the void created by this abandonment, America is sinking into spiritual darkness. Truthless moral relativism has crept in, so confusion, deception, and outight lying now reigns supreme. Apostates such as the 'gay' bishop freely preach heresy. And because we cannot recognise evil even when it stares us in the face, we stand mesmerized before it like deer caught in the headlights of an onrushing truck.

Now imagine yet one more horror which will surely befall us if we do not put a stop to the insanity of 'evolved-emergent' races of mankind. If every aspect of homosexuality implies legitimate 'races,' then it follows that men calling themselves gods and females calling themselves goddesses are also 'evolved-emergent' races. And just as the force of law will be used against us to force us to submit to the abominable desires of pederasts, pedophiles, etc., so too will law be used against us to force us to submit to and worship the race of gods and goddesses. .....Linda

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