Tax Court: Sex Change Operations are Tax Deductible

Worth Reading On February 2, the U.S. Tax Court ruled that a man who had a so-called sex change operation could deduct the costs of the mutilating surgery from his taxes.

The man who had mutilating surgery calls himself Rhiannon O’Donnabhain and was defended by the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD). (This is the same group that fought Massachusetts police and won the “right” for gays to have sex in public restrooms and parks.)

In its ruling, the tax court stated: “The evidence amply supports the conclusions that petitioner suffered from severe GID, that GID is a well-recognized and serious mental disorder, and that hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery are considered appropriate and effective treatments for GID by psychiatrists and other mental health professionals who are knowledgeable concerning the condition.”

The court is correct that O’Donnabhain has a mental disorder known as a Gender Identity Disorder, but is wrong to conclude that mutilating surgery is the solution to a mental problem. No one “needs” a so-called “sex change.”

TVC had challenged the Internal Revenue Service in 2004 for its original decision to permit O’Donnabhain to claim his so-called sex change operation as a tax deduction.

In a letter to the IRS Commissioner, we noted:

The decision to give tax deductions for “sex change” operations sends the wrong message to individuals who suffer from a Gender Identity Disorder. This is a mental condition, not one that needs surgery. In fact, by giving this tax deduction, your agency will be encouraging other mentally disturbed individuals to consider such surgery as an unneeded surgical procedure for what is a troubled mind—not a troubled body.

The fact is that activists in the homosexual and transgender movement consider such realities as male and female to be cultural inventions. This is a false belief and one that should not be supported by the IRS.

The homosexual/transgender movement is currently guided by a belief that concepts such as male and female are simply cultural inventions that can be altered at will by the individual. In 1993, a transgender legal group issued the “International Gender Bill of Rights,” that declares: “It is fundamental that individuals have the right to define, and to redefine as their lives unfold, their own gender identity, without regard to chromosome sex, genitalia, assigned birth sex, or initial gender role.” This is a sure recipe for sexual confusion and life-long despair.