Nine DOJ Appointees Worked For Terrorist Detainees! (Video)

Worth Reading February 23, 2010 – Attorney General Eric Holder has admitted that nine Department of Justice appointees have previously defended terrorist detainees – but he has refused a Senate request for their names.

Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) submitted a formal request for the names of these individuals, but received back a 5-page letter of mumbo jumbo that didn’t provide the names.

Grassley is angry about this refusal to provide those names. According to Grassley:

I’ve held nearly 30 constituent listening posts in Iowa since the first of the year and they are upset about the direction our national security is headed. They want to know who is advising the President and the Attorney General, especially after it’s become very clear to Americans across the country that misguided decisions on terrorism policy are being made. An answer like I received today [February 19) doesn't live up to the transparency in government President Obama promised and doesn’t sit well with me or Iowans.

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