America to Receive 'Political refugees from Germany in 2010?'

Worth Reading In the post Nazi-Fascist Germany, no one ever expected to hear about German political refugees, alas, they exist.

The U.S., through a federal judge with common sense in Memphis, has granted asylum to a family facing persecution and prosecution in Teutonic land.

Do you mean Germany? I sure do!

In 2010? Yup, in 2010!

No, they're not criminals as we understand the concept, neither are they traitors to their country, nor members of any secret society which could pose a threat to their recently unified nation, or purely and simply spies for a foreign power.

Their crime?

One of the worst in today's times: they are devout Christians and have a great deal of distrust of the politicized system of "education" which is so common in the current Marxist world and, which insists on "dumbing-down" our youth, so it will be more docile to the government dictates.

In other words, they are HOMESCHOOLERS! The audacity of some people! How dare they give their children an education superior to that offered by the Almighty State? They should be burned at the stake like Joan of Arc! Shouldn't they? While you're at it, burn their children too, because no one wants anyone smarter than those running the country. Oooops! That would eliminate most of us!

Needless to say that the current American administration, through Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has appealed the decision of the judge from Memphis. We wouldn't want "rebels" from any country using the U.S. as their life-saving plank, would we? After all that "Give me your poor, your tired, etc." wasn't really meant, was it? Besides, there isn't any more room, it's all taken by illegal immigrants from south of the Rio Grand or from terrorist nations.

This is not only limited to Germany for the whole of Europe and at least the English speaking North America, has been doing the same for decades now. Christianity has reverted back to its beginnings except Christians are not YET thrown to the lions instead, they are harassed by the Human "Rights" Organizations of the different countries and even thrown in jail.

There's an "undeclared" war on Judeo Christian principles around most of the developed countries of the world. As a result, it is as easy for Marxists, feminazis, homonazis and environazis to get a teaching job or a government job, than it is for declared Communists and tax-evaders to get into the White House.

Anything goes as long as it is a means to get God out of the lives of the people so He can be replaced by the government or, temporarily, by Gaia. The war isn't exclusive to the government, it is also highly predominant among the lame media; you know, the one that's about to go out of business because fewer and fewer people want to read their garbage.

Why? Because as long as one believes in God, the state cannot take away our God-given rights, our guns or our real estate. How does this relate to America? There are cases in the U.S. where home-schoolers are being harassed by governments or the horrible government creations known as "social services" such as social workers (first cousins of the Union Bosses) or, what I consider the most deceptive of them all, those who claim to exist "for the protection of the children" (first cousins of ACORN).

Remember, Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. well... you know!) said "...we're five days away from fundamentally changing the United States of America!"

Unfortunately he forgot to tell you what kind of change he had in mind.

This is of interest to ALL Americans and the citizens of the whole world. Why, you say? Because as America goes, so goes the world. Once we loose the beacon of freedom, the luminary represented by the U.S.A., who will defend the world?

The name of this family in question is Romeike and the Romeikes will be very surprised when they realize that they might have gone from the pan to the fire, as Barack carries-on his "Progressive" policies. They could learn that Germany wasn't that bad after all.

My Grandmother used to say that you're known by the company you keep. Later I learned she didn't invent the phrase but if that's true, were does it place the Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.? Is there anyone in his "circle" that most Americans can respect?

How about Van Johnson? Didn't he resign kind of in disgrace? How come he's now back in full force? Is Obama taking the U.S. in the direction of the old USSR or the Germany of the 1930s and 40s? After all, Organizing For America has a great resemblance with the Hitlerian Youths of which I spoke in comparison with the current regime, well before BHO took office.

You also may remember the comment by BHO about a parallel military just as strong and as well funded as the current one. First, I have no idea were he thinks he can get the money for that, when he cannot afford to maintain the current level of expenses even without "universal health care" or cap & trade! Second, wouldn't that be like a combination of the Storm Troopers (SA) and the SS?

If I were the head of the Romeike family, I would think twice before accepting refugee status in a country with the potential of sending away millions of future political as well as economic refugees of its own.

Joseph A. Gamero