Kiddie Condoms Go On Sale In Switzerland

Worth Readingby Andrea Lafferty

Just when you think the sexually depraved can't get lower into the gutter, they surprise you with new ways to destroy children.

Count on European "intellectuals" to come up with new devices to encourage children to freely engage in sex.

The latest gimmick comes from a study conducted by something called the Federal Commission for Children and Youth. The "study" concluded that boys between the ages of 12-14 don't use sufficient protection when having sex.

Instead of discouraging underage sex, the morons running the commission are proposing distributing small condoms to these kids. The new condom, known as the Hotshot is marketed by Lamprecht AG, a condom company in Switzerland.

The age of consent in Switzerland is 16, but never mind. If the difference in age between kids is not more than three years, no one will get prosecuted for statutory rape or child molestation. Young adults who are under 20 can also get off the hook if they "thought" the person they were seducing was 16.

It's now open season on underage girls in Switzerland and the condom company plans on targeting the UK for sales of its kiddie condoms. Pedophiles can now freely target boys as young as 12 without much fear of legal consequences.

One can only wonder how long it will be before Switzerland begins to see a dramatic rise in oral and anal cancer, and venereal diseases among grammar school children – thanks to the false security provided by kiddie condoms. Apparently sexual depravity is a bottomless pit.