Bring America Back To Her Religious Roots - Part 4 Orignal Intent

Worth Readingby Pastor Roger Anghis

In looking at the charters for the colonies we see that establishing Christianity was the main purpose for their developing the colony.

The 1629 charter of Massachusetts states: “Our said people be so religiously, peaceably, and civilly governed that their good life and orderly conversation may win and incite the natives of that country to the knowledge and obedience of the one true God and savior of mankind, and the Christian faith, which is the principle end of this colony.”

The 1662 charter for North Carolina stated that they were: “Excited with a laudable and pious zeal for the propagation of the Christian faith in the parts of American not yet cultivated or planted and only inhabited by people who have no knowledge of Almighty God.” This, again, is not the policy of a secular nation.

In 1663 the charter for Rhode Island explained the colonist’s intent: “Pursuing with Peace and loyal minds, their sober, serious and religious intentions of Godly edifying themselves and one another in the holy Christian faith, a most flourishing civil state may stand and best be maintained with a full liberty in religious concernments.” Does this sound like the policy of a secular nation?

William Penn wrote the charter for Pennsylvania stating: “Out of a commendable desire to convert the savage natives by gentle and just manners to the love of civil society and Christian religion, hath humbly besought leave of us to transport an ample colony unto a certain contry in the parts of America not yet cultivated or planted. ”

The charter of Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey and others were a virtual restatement of the Christian goals stated by these states.

Connecticut had the first constitution and in 1639 it stated: “Well knowing when a people are gathered together, the Word of God requires that to maintain the peace and union of such people there should be an orderly and decent government established according to God.” Secular people do NOT establish government according to God (Russia, China and Cuba as examples). Their constitution went on to declare the colonists desire to: “Enter into combination and confederation together to maintain and preserve the liberty and purity of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus which we now profess which, according to the truth of the said Gospel, is now practiced amongst us.” If they were not Christians, why would they put in writing that they were?