$20, $30 a gallon for gasoline?

Worth Reading Oh, believe me, this could happen overnight in the very near future.

Right now, over 50% of all crude oil purchased by the Untied States is bought from countries who literally would like to see the US blown of the globe.

Let's run down a little list, and you form your own conclusions.

One out of every two barrels of oil come from the following list of nations:

Iran Islamist controlled country. Openly Hostile to the United states. Islamic leaders recently issued Fatwa saying it is ok to use nuclear weapons against its enemies.

Iraq Pretty much an Islamist controlled country. Currently we are at war in Iraq. Islam controls large portion of the country, and soon though elections will control all. Islamic leader just rejected the proposed constitution due to lack of Islamic law.

Kuwait Islamist controlled country.

Saudi Arabia Islamic controlled country. Indirectly behind the war on terror with the United States, known to fund Islamic terror organizations that attack western nations. Homeland of Bin Laden and the majority of the men who flew planes into the towers.

Venezuela Openly and extremely hostile towards the United States. President recent called for Americas overthrow, and recently pledged to raise an army of 1,000,000 soldiers to fight America.

Qatar Islamist controlled country

Indonesia Islamist controlled country. Openly hostile towards America. Islamic militants recently stormed the US embassy. So hostile towards the west, that during tsunami relief, they delayed food and supply shipments to the needy people until they could change the labeling the packages, which originally said they were from the USA.

Libya Islamist controlled country. Long history of out right hatred for the US and active history of terror attacks.

United Arab Emirates Islamist controlled country. This is the money front man for the world Islamic front. They just bought the companies that control six US ports. Lobbying strongly in favor of Hamas currently.

Algeria Islamist controlled country. Long time partner with Libya and many terror organizations. Openly hostile towards the USA.

Nigeria Islamist controlled country. Extremely hostile towards the USA. Currently threatening to use rockets to attack oil tankers heading for the USA. Islamic Militants have just taken US hostages.

Ok, so that is where we are buying half of our oil. These countries all have one other thing in common, other than out right hatred of the United states, they are part of a cartel called OPEC. So, as one unit they could easily turn off the oil to the USA overnight.

People in the US need to come to the understanding that America currently is not at war with a single country, country borders do not really apply in this new global age. We are at war with Islam. Islam controls the oil that runs our oil addicted country and economy.

What would happen if they turned off the oil?

Overnight gasoline prices would skyrocket, supplies would disappear in a couple weeks.

After several weeks of the increased oil and gasoline prices the stock market would most like have a crash to make the great depression look like fun times.

Gasoline is needed to move products around our country. Prices on everything from tomatoes to toothpicks would go up in price by factors of ten.

People would be losing their jobs right and left. You live in the suburbs? Have to commute to your job? Imagine going to work with Gas costing $20 a gallon? People would save money by NOT going to work.

Companies would be closing right and left. They could not afford to buy materials, they could not afford to ship product. They could not afford to pay employees.

In one fell swoop, Islam could crush the American economy and force us to our knees.

You really think they would never do this? Think about it. These are the people who have no qualms about sending children with explosives strapped to their chests out to blow themselves up to kill a few "non-muslim" civilians.

These are the people who are burning buildings, burning churches, storming sovereign countries embassies, killing people right and left in an ongoing firestorm of hate spanning multiple weeks over a few cartoons that depicted Islam as a violent entity.

Think about it.

You should also think about how this organization called OPEC, which sets the prices so to speak on oil for the world, is doing with all this incredible profit is has been making off the US. $3 to produce a barrel of oil, $70 for an American to buy it. That is a lot of money going to arm the enemies of America. This is how the president of Venezuela is paying to build up him 1,000,000 man army to battle with the United States.

Our addiction to oil is not only Islam's greatest weapon against us, it is the very means of Islam gaining the strength to grow and attack us so indiscriminately.