Mad Yet?

Worth Reading Speaker Pelosi thinks that she can wave her magic wand and ‘deem’ a bill passed. What does this mean? This means that she wants to have the U.S. House of Representatives pass a bill without voting on it.

Are you mad, yet?

Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama are on the verge of socializing a major portion of our American economy. Under this scheme, you will be forced to purchase Obama’s government-run health care.

■This government takeover of health care will affect 100% of Americans – born and unborn – for generations to come. Obama and Pelosi have intentionally deceived the American people about taxpayer-funding of abortion. It is a fact that this bill authorizes an unprecedented, profound and alarming increase of tax money for other people’s abortions – the largest increase of government-funded abortion since Roe v. Wade. Is this what you want?

■To add insult to injury, Pelosi now wants to rewrite the Constitution and pass the bill without a vote! It’s a travesty for the House of Representatives to cowardly shirk its responsibilities and pretend to vote on an unprecedented and unconstitutional proposal – the so-called “Slaughter Rule.”

■Even liberals are cautioning against the use of ‘deeming’ (or the Slaughter Rule) as a legislative strategy. George Washington Law School professor Alan Morrison, a litigator for the liberal group Public Citizen, is opposed to using the Slaughter Rule. He has stated: “If I were advising somebody [on the Slaughter Solution], I would say to them, ‘Don’t do it.’ “What does ‘deem’ mean? In class, I always say it means ‘let’s pretend.’ ‘Deem’ means it’s not true.”

If House Members are not going to do their job by voting directly on the bill, then we are left with no choice: we will consider their vote on ‘The Slaughter Rule’ as a vote for the pro-abortion Senate Bill. We’ll hold each and every one of them accountable. More: