"Spreading The Wealth".... a lie from hell.

Worth Readingby Michael DeLaney

It is a wicked and freedom robbing act when any human government forces its subjects by coercion or human legislation in the matters of conscience including the sharing of anything against the individual's free will. God alone should be the arbiter of giving through His people based upon their individual freedom and choice. Forced sharing never works but only leads to tyranny and rebellion.

Economic reform and social justice can NEVER occur through secular human legislative reform that forces men and women to act contrary to their God given, Spirit guided conscience. Every time forced "spreading the wealth" through human government intervention has been tried it has failed miserably to create the utopia hoped for. This is because man is sinful and self-centered by nature...the so called "heroes" of these movements, Stalin, Mao tse Tung, Hitler, Castro, Pol Pot, Idi Amin etc. have all gone down in history as self-serving demigods and tyrants leaving in their wake tens of millions of brutally murdered victims of their own people and others who refused to bow down to their unrighteous dictates. Every surviving refugee from the former European communist eastern bloc tell the same story...a FEW elitists along with the dictator possess and greedily enjoy ALL the material wealth and dole it out in dribs and drabs to the starving and suffering masses. It can happen here as well. I pray every day that God Himself intervene to thwart the purposes of contemporary evil leaders who would thus enslave the American people.