Redistribution of Your Earnings: The Immoral Equivalent of Slavery

Worth Readingby John Lillpop

Using the power of government to take one man’s wealth against his will in order to enrich another is un-American, immoral, and inhuman.

Those 30 million or so uninsured Americans who are celebrating the passage of ObamaCare may feel elated now, but how long with that glee last?

How much joy will there be if they happen to be caught in the cross hairs of the next “spread the wealth” stealing campaign by Barack Obama?

You know, a new Obama climate tax on American citizens to fund the war against global warming in China and India? It is YOUR obligation as a world citizen to pay up, you know.

The whole idea of “spreading the wealth” is acceptable only when the spreading is into your bank account. But what about when your assets are spread to others, solely because some Marxist bureaucrat thinks that you live too well?

The very notion that government should be authorized to discriminate against certain citizens in order to advantage others is repulsive and foreign to the American way of thinking.

Yet there it is, at the center of ObamaCare. If this nightmare stands, Obama and his Marxist goons will try to apply it to scores of other programs.

Will you be the next victim of “spreading the wealth” communism?