Muslim mob burns Christian man

Worth ReadingAttack is 10th in increasingly violent Pakistan in month

By Michael Carl

A Muslim mob in the Rawalpindi, Pakistan, burned alive a Christian man, the second burning death in the past three weeks and the 10th anti-Christian attack in Pakistan within just a month.

The explosion of anti-Christian attacks in an increasingly militant Pakistan is raising concern among human rights activists because of Pakistan's higher international profile.

A human rights activist who asked not to be named said the increased anti-Christian violence should make western Christians take notice.

"Pakistan is continuing to try to get its blasphemy law included in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. If their blasphemy law is included, that will have a profound impact on how the U.N. views human rights," the activist said.

"And Pakistan's increasingly militant Islam will not only embolden Muslims against Christians across the Middle East; it will cause this kind of violence to spread to other parts of the world," the activist said.

Pakistan's blasphemy laws include criminal penalties for anyone "mistreating" a copy of the Qur'an or saying anything deemed offensive against Muhammad.