Prole-Feed and the Usurpation of Power by America's Elected Servants

Commentary by Linda:

America was founded as a Constitutional Republic and not, as modern progressive-myth has it, a democracy. In fact, the Founders abhorred democracy, calling it a 'mobacracy' of uncontrolled passions. Rather than human passions, undergirding our Constitutional Republic is the Rule of Law based on the unchanging truths and universal moral law of God the Father. The Founders fully understood that our Constitutional Republic was the grandest experiment in the history of the world, for rather than a handful of egomaniacal tyrants lording it over slavish-masses, as has been the usual state of affairs throughout history, it would be the people themselves who would be the main decision-makers.

The Founders designed our system of government in a way that made the thoughts and decisions of self-controlled, morally-informed "we the people"---an aristocracy of virtuous people as our Founders saw it--- the decisive factor in the actions and policies of elected officials. Elected officials, from Presidents to Congress and the Supreme Court and on down to the lowest levels of government were viewed as servants of the people rather than the reverse.

Since the Progressive Presidency of Woodrow Wilson however, the ingenious system of government devised by the Founders has been under an insidious, protracted assault in a coordinated campaign to radically restructure and ultimately destroy our Constitutional Republic and to morally corrupt Americans. Step by slow step, progressive-socialist conspirators occupying positions of power within every cultural institution in our nation along with public servants in the highest corridors of power have been working to upend our nation and place 'we the people' at the mercy of their own unrestrained passions, and by consequence, progressive controllers. Toward this end, all institutions used for the dissemination of knowledge would eventually be taken over and used for the conditioning of all minds with propaganda and moral corruption.

With Obama's blatant seizure of power to force socialist 'health care' onto the people, we can finally see the visible results of the progressive-socialist overthrow of our Constitutional Republic. We can now see that at the highest levels of power, public servants have successfully leveraged themselves into positions of almost absolute power while a majority of "we the people" have become for all intents and purposes, their mind-conditioned slaves, the 'bricks and mortar' to be used by them in the building of the long-awaited and dreamed of progressive-socialist New World Order.

The servants are now the masters while an army of "we the people" are their slavish mind-conditioned Pavlov's dogs manipulated willy-nilly to gratify the megalomania and other unholy lusts of the usurpers, for they too are the slaves of their own out-of-control passions. In sum, America now has "government" by Mr. Hyde.

Meanwhile, the few defenders of our God-given rights, Tea Partiers for example, are painted as terrorists---enemies of the omnipotent state---by a compliant media which today is little more than the official propaganda mouth-piece of our Mr. Hyde-masters.

George Orwell dubbed progressive-socialist propaganda 'prole-feed.' Prole-feed is a devil's brew of tempting vices, falsified history, lies, distortions, and outright madness, all for the purpose of dumbing-down and putting to sleep the proles.

And it has worked!

For today, when the mouthpiece orders slavish-proles to jump, their only question is "how high?" When it orders them to "hate the enemies" their only question is "for how long?" When it tells them that the Founders are "evil white men," proles shout, "Yes!" When it tells them, "God is dead," they celebrate by tearing down crosses and spewing hate at Christians. When the mouthpiece orders the proles to "bark and bite," their only question is, "How loud and how deep?" And when the mouthpiece sells slavery as freedom, proles eagerly buy it.

Wherever 20th century communist-socialist totalitarians successfully seized control, whether in Russia, Germany, China, or elsewhere, it was always by way of an army of mind-contioned proles, exactly as we now have right here in America.