America's Socialist Paradise

In his article, "The Scandal Driving the Church Sex Scandal," author Selwyn Duke wrote: "We've all heard the story(about) Hundreds of young sexual abuse victims...abusers escaping prosecution and quietly moving to different jurisdictions....authorities covering up the crimes..." "It's a saga of grave, grave sin." "Of course, you would assume that I'm talking about the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal." "And you would be wrong." "I'm describing the situation in America's public schools (which) although mirroring the problems dogging the Church is strangely ignored." ( )

It has finally come to pass that many thousands of Americans are 'waking up' at long last from the mainly media and academe-induced slumber they've been in to discover that America is rapidly transforming into a totalitarianian socialist regime before their very eyes.

What is socialism, you may ask? And why is it totalitarian?

No matter the name it goes by, be it Tower of Babel, Communism, Socialism, or today's emerging green New Age, all are types of utopianism invented by man in rebellion against Go and moral authority. In essence, the utopian fantasy is based on the Big Lie: "You shall be as god!" and it promises its true-believers a paradise on earth where "men may sin and do so divinely" because man is 'god.'

In the "workers paradise" heralded by Marxist Communists as heaven on earth, "free love" was one of the seductive temptations promised to true-believers. "Free love" was not free at all as it turns out. This temptation could only be supplied by making all females between the ages of 16 and 25 the property of the all-powerful Communist Party. Anarchist apparatchiks were given control of this "property" and it was through them that workers applied for licenses in order to avail themselves of the "free love" supplied by the domination of young females.

Children were seized from their parents, atheitized, sexualized and properly conditioned in state-run Detdomas for the day when they would be made use of by the Communist Party for whatever purposes were deemed needful.

The "workers paradise" was of course no paradise. It was a Hell on earth where the masses of people were dehumanized and used as the bricks and mortar for the building of a Tower of Babel to gratify egomaniacs and a Sodom and Gomorrah to gratify erotomaniacs.

It was totalitarian because the relative few---the aristocracy of egomaniacs and erotomaniacs---lived parasitic lives at the expense of the many.

In all, the building of this earthly paradise took the lives of 61,000,000 men, women, and children.

And is not this twin-headed evil---the Tower of Babel and Sodom and Gomorrah---not what America is fast becoming? Have not our youth been taken control of by judges and administrative authorities and are they not being conditioned to make themselves sexually available to each other and to adult deviants? Have they not been atheitized? The answer to both questions is "yes."

And with Obama's brazen seizure of power have not the egomaniacs now emerged into the light of day and shown their own lust for power? Again, the answer is "yes." Egomaniacs are doing whatever they want now.

America, the "shining hill" so loved by Ronald Reagan is quickly regressing into a twin-evil: The Tower of Babel and Sodom and Gomorrah, where egomaniacs and erotomaniacs may sin and do so divinely.