Long Distance Abortion Services Now Available...

New abortion plan: Doctor stays away! Planned Parenthood offers procedure by 'long distance'

By Bob Unruh

A new report from Operation Rescue, a pro-life organization so dedicated to opposing abortion that it purchased an abortion business and closed it down, reveals a new money-maker for Planned Parenthood: abortions by long distance.

Planned Parenthood, the largest player in America's abortion industry, has installed the procedure at its Iowa locations. In a tape of a telephone conversation obtained by Operation Rescue, an abortion company spokeswoman explains the process.

"The physician doesn't actually come," the abortion company worker explains. "The physician who prescribes you the medication would be on a computer screen. You'll be on a computer screen. You can see each other and communicate. They're just not physically there.

"You would press a button that's on the screen and a little box would open up with the medication in it."

Listen to the call: http://worthreading.ning.com/profiles/blogs/long-distance-abortion